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Welcome to ToolsHungry.

Here we provide reliable tool reviews and buying guides for Hobbyists, DIYers, and Automotive Enthusiasts, including Garage Tools, Automotive Parts and Accessories, Woodworking & Woodturning Tools, Metalworking & Blacksmithing Tools, Welding Equipment, and more.

Michael B. Burton – CEO

Burton holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He loves all kinds of mechanical tools and machinery. Burton started this website to help hobbyists and DIYers choose the appropriate tools worth their valuable time and hard-earned money.

Now ToolsHungry consists of a team of expert writers, editors, researchers, and reviewers.

Robert B. Martin – Editor in Chief

Robert B. Martin is a certified automobile engineer by profession and a tool enthusiast by heart. He always keeps himself engaged in experimenting with different kinds of hand and power tools for various projects.

Robert is the chief editor at Toolshungry.

Our Review Process

Our research team does extensive research to find out the best products on the market. We spend a minimum of two days compiling our tool reviews and buying guides.

When we make the top list, we prioritise Performance, Availability, Popularity, and Real User Ratings.

We never accept any offer from the manufacturer while choosing products to make our top lists.

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