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10 Best 20-Ton Shop Press for the Money | Hydraulic & Air 2023

best 20 ton shop press

If you are trying to figure out the best 20-ton shop press, I have everything you need to know. Shop presses are incredibly convenient for shaping any metal, replacing bearings, and a lot more.

However, choosing the right one could be tricky given the features they come with, let alone the multitude of options available at your disposal.

That said, let me put your mind at ease with an in-depth 20-ton shop press review and the required information necessary to buy one for your shop.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Best 20 Ton Hydraulic Press With Gauge – [My Top Picks]

Best 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press – [Top Picks of 2023]

Here are the top 10 20-ton shop press you need to know about.

1. Baileigh HSP-20A – Best Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Baileigh HSP-20A 20 Ton Shop Press - Best Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Includes pressure Gauge.
  • Ideal for a small workshop.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • No significant cons.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable, small 20-ton air over the hydraulic press then Baileigh HSP-20A is the finest product you can start with.  

Strong build quality is a must-have attribute for any top rated 20-ton shop presses. Thanks to the well welded 24-inch H-frame, you can apply full 20-ton pressure with this press effortlessly.

Besides the rigid frame, the press features industrial-grade components, such as air hydraulic jack, standard V-block, pneumatic lever, and so on for your daily pressing task.

Apart from that, it has an easily adjustable table, which complies with its 19 by the 4-inch work area. Also, the 7.5-inch stroke length using a 2-inch diameter cylinder will ease your pressing, bending, and clamping work significantly. 

To sum up, Baileigh HSP-20A is my recommended best air over hydraulic shop press that you should not miss out.

2. Dake F-20 – Best Manual Hydraulic Shop Press

Dake F-20 20 Ton Hydraulic Press - Best Manual Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Table height lock pin.
  • Has 2 all-purpose table plates.
  • Requires low operating pressure.
  • Pressure gauge placement is higher than usual.

For those who are looking for a hydraulic shop press made in USA, Dake F-20 can be an ideal option. Specifically, if you prefer a fast, dependable, and quiet operation.

This 283-pound press machine helps reduce user fatigue while operating. Thanks to its movable table with a max 39-inch height adjustment from the ram.

The single-action hydraulic ram is movable from side to side for more custom pressing setup. And the 2-inch diameter ram also reduces pressure bleed off.

It features a hand pump conveniently positioned on the side, making it one of the best manual hydraulic shop press to date. You can also keep track of your precise pressure with a pressure gauge on top of the hydraulic ram.

3. Black Widow BD-Press-20A – Best Shop Press for the Money

Black Widow BD-PRESS-20A 20-Ton Shop Press - Best Shop Press for the Money

Key Points:

  • Reasonable price.
  • Features 2 heel block.
  • 2-way operation method.
  • Hard to understand instructions manual.

The Black Widow BD-20A promises a lot of functionality for a small workshop in shaping, bending, or straightening metals.

More excitingly, you can acquire all at an affordable price, making it the best shop press for the money you can find. 

Now it’s a pneumatic shop press, and accordingly it presents an air pump with a convenient handle. You can also attach an air compressor hose if you don’t want to do it by hand.

Press ram can be extended up to 10 inches from the base. Besides 9 table height adjustments and pressure indicators allow convenient pressing jobs at your home comfort.

On top of that, it has a durable steel frame in H-layout and the powder-coated paint gives it a nice finish. It will protect the press from smudges and rust in the future.

4. Torin TCE TY20028 20 Ton Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Torin TCE TY20028 20 Ton Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Non-skiving ram.
  • Contains stamping plate and arbor press.
  • Adjustable table with locking pin.
  • Welding on the frame is not premium in quality.

Torin TCE is another 20-ton air over hydraulic shop press that packs a serious punch yet doesn’t take up much space in your workshop. On top of that, the machine is ASME and PASE certified.

With its wide 2-41 inches adaptable working area, you won’t face hassle stumping on a small plate or shaping a huge metal chunk.

Usually, shop press tools are prone to get stain and dirt. But here the chances are narrowed with lead-free powder paint that preserves a great look just as eco-friendly.

Along with the hand lever, this hydraulic hand press is also capable of taking air compressor intake for more pressure intense work. The gauge helps to keep track of the pressure reading as well.

5. OTC 1824A 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press with Bottle Jack

OTC 1824A 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press with Bottle Jack

Key Points:

  • Easy to use.
  • Double action operation.
  • Quiet operation than air compressor press.
  • It isn’t a hydraulic press with gauge.

Since 1925 OTC has been making tools for mechanics intending to fulfill every need reliably. Following that concept, OTC 20 ton hydraulic press with Bottle Jack was born.

Unlike a traditional press machine, the bottle jack press executes pulling, in addition to pushing any workpiece. This makes removing ball bearing, installing gear bearing and bushing more suitable than ever.

The piston in the jack can be extended up to 7 inches letting you use a broad range of workpieces to press. If that doesn’t meet your requirement, lower the table for more headroom.

Another great feature of this bottle jack shop press is it comes with a prebuilt overload valve for releasing excess pressure when it’s time.

6. Performance Tool W41063 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

Performance Tool W41063 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

Key Points:

  • Relatively lightweight at 220 pounds.
  • Bolted H-frame easy to take apart and assemble.
  • Large liquid filled pressure gauge at an accessible location.
  • Adjustable table doesn’t have a locking pin.

Performance tool W41063 is another air-powered 20-ton shop press with a gauge. The reason I put on the list is it does have some unique features from my other selection.

This H frame shop press has a height of 69 inches overall, and 19.5” inside the frame. Being that’s only a little over 5 feet, you won’t have any problem accessing controls or reading gauge.

In addition, the 9 adjustable table heights also make it easy for your workpiece to place under a 7.5-inch expandable ram without difficulty.

The exceptional property of this compressor-style press is the remote pressure cylinder and the relief valve which is closely accessible for convenience.

7. Sunex 5720 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Sunex 5720 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Highly durable frame for 20-ton operation.
  • Variable table adjustment with holding pins.
  • Comes with extra attachments out of the box.
  • Hard to keep track of precise pressure.

The 20 ton H frame hydraulic shop press is much popular among the mechanics and automotive enthusiasts. Meeting that growing demand Sunex positioned its 20-ton bottle jack shop press on the market.

Most expert mechanics always prefer welded frames instead of bolted due to added durability and strength. You can find the same design here on the Sunex 5720.

To increase the working scope and versatility the manufacturer includes several attachments like 3 punch kit, bearing shield, and couple bed plates.

With the included bottle jack and kits you can start bending plates, removing bearings and bushing right from the start. No need to buy aftermarket kits.

8. Black Widow BD-PRESS-20H 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Black Widow BD-PRESS-20H 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Quiet lever action.
  • Flexible dimension.
  • Large table rest pins.
  • One user complained about missing bolts.

I have already reviewed a black widow pneumatic press on the top listing. After considering all the features I decided this Hydraulic press will be a great addition to this top list.

This Black Widow BD-PRESS-20H hand-operated hydraulic press built on a moderately smaller footprint with only 58 in height. The table dimension is around 8 3/8 in W x 24 3/8 in L. Pretty useful for a home workshop and small repair business.

The manual hand pump is easy to use and relatively silent while pressing on the included two heel block. Also, the powder coating on the frame gives it a nice outlook overall.

For pressing small to a hefty workpiece, the table can be lowered up to 37 inches with 4.7 increments. Also, the ram extends up to 10 inches for deep pressing.

9. Sunex 5720AH 20 Ton Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Sunex 5720AH 20 Ton Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Dual-action operation.
  • Wider frame increasing overall support.
  • Convenient motor design relieves fatigue.
  • Missing pressure gauge readout.

The Sunex 5720 is a quiet affordable yet reasonably powerful machine. With a lightweight design and smaller dimensions, it can easily find a spot in your home workshop or garage.

This is a hybrid hydraulic pressing machine. That means the bottle jack can be operated either by a lever or an air compressor whichever fits your need.

Even though the dimensions are only 67.75 x 34.5 x 11.5 in, the frames are much wider than usual. This only contributes to the overall strength of the machine.

Like its predecessor, the machine comes with extra accessories for various pressing operations. This will eliminate any downtime due to the lack of accessories.

10. Arcan CP20 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Arcan CP20 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Key Points:

  • Easy ram retraction.
  • Stronger head plate.
  • Wide welded H frame.
  • Weak foot placement.

If you do extensive auto repair work that includes removing and replacing the bearing, this Arcan CP20 hydraulic bearing press machine can be an absolute choice for you. Not to mention its design that takes up less space.

The jack on the machine is attached with two heavy-duty springs. When you are resetting the ram, those springs help in retracting the ram without hassle.

It’s normal for an automotive 20-ton shop press to utilize its maximum tonnage power often. So the welded frame here comes into play to prevent any deforming under intense pressure.

To ensure proper distribution of the pressure manufacturer added a reinforced bolster on the top side for extra strength.

Best 20 Ton Shop Press – [Updated Buying Guide]

Buying any shop press requires you to take a few factors into consideration. And the same applies here when you want to buy the best 20-ton shop press for your workshop.

Below are some of the crucial pointers you must contemplate before getting your first shop press machine.

1. Hydraulic Jack Types

Hydraulic and air over hydraulic, these are the most common jack types used in the press machine.

Hydraulic jacks tend to be more powerful at a cost of regular maintenance. Because the oil in it needs changing from time to time. And sometimes they make a mess.

Hydraulic jacks also need to operate manually with a lever which can be tiresome for a long task.

The air over hydraulic on the other hand uses compressed air. Normally high air pressure makes a loud noise, other than that they are pretty convenient and maintenance-free press. 

2. Welded Steel Frame Construction

Shop press comes in various shapes and sizes. Some constructions of the frame are welded and others are bolted.

The welded frame offers superior rigidity when doing the high-pressure task but lacks the convenience of relocating. Bolted frames may fall short in stiffness but have an advantage of movability.

3. Cylinder

Cylinder is the place where ram resides. The more tonnage is rated for your shop press the wider the diameter of the cylinder is. Usually, a wider cylinder helps in proper pressure distribution.  

4. Stroke Length

Stroke length refers to the measurement of the complete extended length of a ram. When you are working on narrow or hollow motor parts, stroke length comes in very handy in this case.

20 Ton Shop Press Accessories You Can Buy!

While the shop press has evolved, its usage in different scenarios also changed. Thanks to the different types of attachments that enable you to deal with a wide range of pressing tasks.

Here are some accessories you can find useful.  

Shop Press Arbor Plates: Arbor plates are a thick piece of cast iron or solid steel flat bar also known as table plates.

For various usages, it has a different cut-out on the edge and elevated portion on the sides. These plates are used to separate the outer ring of a bearing or join two parts together.

Shop Press Dimple Die Set: Press die set is a combination of two distinct dies. The upper die head has a convex head and the bottom die head looks concave.

The set is generally used on a flat piece of metal to make a bowl shape design. So when you put a screw or bolt on the plate, the bolt head won’t be so protruding.

Shop Press Punch Kit: Punch kit also has two parts just like die set but the functionality is completely different. Punch kit is used to make a round cut-out on a flat metal piece.

The bottom part punches through the upper part to make that happen.

Press Brake for 20 Ton Shop Press: Press break attachments are used for bending metal plates. The brake bar has different detachable fingertips for a custom bending operation.

If you want a specific part of the plate to bend at a 45-degree angle you can do that with a press brake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Shop Press?

Shop press is a machine that is either run by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to perform stamping, bending, forming heavy materials to one’s need. The hydraulic pressure rating can be ranging from 1-50 tons.

What is a 20 Ton Shop Press Used for?

Depending on the materials and build structure, the pressing work demands a specific amount of pressure. In regards to 20-ton press usage, this amount of pressure is ideal for replacing ball bearings, attaching auto gears, shaping or bending motor parts along with other straightening works.   

Can you Change a Wheel Bearing with a 20 Ton Shop Press?

Yes, you can. In this case, the 20-ton shop press will do a far better job than 6 or a 10-ton cheap hydraulic press comparatively.

Hydraulic vs. Air Over Hydraulic Shop Press – What’s the difference?

Hydraulic press pumps mineral oil to create intense pressure. While they are great at molding heftier objects, on the contrary, it requires recurrent upkeep to maintain its functionality.

On the other hand air over hydraulic press pushes a high volume of air rapidly to generate powerful force. Although they are cleaner than hydraulics, they suffer drag when it comes to dealing with heavy or thick materials.   

Final Words

If you have managed to read the full article, you have my utmost gratitude. Hope the information is of use to you for selecting the best 20 ton shop press for your next project.

To summarize, Baileigh HSP-20A is my best recommendation if you are looking for low maintenance air powered hydraulic press. The Dake F-20 is purely hydraulic and a capable press machine for extra performance and durability.

Finally, for a tight budget, Black Widow BD-20A  is an excellent option for you to consider.

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