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13 Best 8-Inch Jointers Reviews (2022) – [The Ultimate Guide]

Choosing the best 8-inch jointer has never been straightforward. There are a ton of things to be aware of, when the market is also saturated with false claims. To help you out, we’ve evaluated the top 8-inch jointers and put together a detailed FAQs section in this article. 

Before we get into this, first be clear that investing in 8-inch wood jointers isn’t a luxury as many hobbyists believe. Instead you’ll appreciate how quickly these machines remove warps and twists from oversized lumber and make woodwork more accurate for you.

With that being said, let’s get started with our 8-inch jointer reviews.

Top 8-Inch Jointers for Woodworking – Picked by Experts

Best 8-Inch Jointer Reviews (2022)

Best 8 Inch Jointer for Woodworking

1. Powermatic 60HH Helical Head 8 inch Jointer – Best Overall

Powermatic 60HH Helical Head 8 inch Jointer - Best Overall

Whether you’re a novice woodworker or professional, Powermatic 60HH is designed to provide the best overall result. From start to finish it’s a highly powerful jointer to give you the finest finish.

At first, if we look at the flatbed it is 73” long, which gives Powermatic 60HH ample support to joint uneven lumber.  8 inch helical cutterhead will give you the desired cut. The blades turn at 7,000 RPM, thanks to the powerful 2HP motor, it will true up thicker boards before you know it. 

Inside the helical cutterhead there are 4-sided carbide inserts. Each of them can be turned up to four times. So, when one side gets dull, you’re not going to stop working for lack of sharpness.

The lever adjuster and the rotating handle provide more control over the infeed table and fine-tune the cutting depth. A handwheel gear allows you to tilt the fence smoothly when a non-mar insert prevents scratches during this process.

This USA made jointer comes with a magnetic supported push block to enhance safety. Store it to your machine’s metallic surface and get instant access.

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Doesn’t produce much noise.
  • Provides perfect cut, and square.
  • Highly mounted control switch for easy access.
  • Doesn’t come with a mobile base.

2. Powermatic PJ-882HH 8 inch Jointer – Best with Parallelogram Table

Powermatic PJ-882HH 8 inch Jointer - Best with Parallelogram Table

Parallelogram jointers offer the easiest infeed & outfeed table positioning. Moreover, they allow a minimum clearance between the tables and the cutterhead for precise finish. Powermatic PJ-882HH is no exception, and if you have the money it is the best 8” jointer with parallelogram table out there. 

Powermatic PJ-882HH has adjustable cams at both table corners. You can offset coplanar misalignment pretty quickly. 

82” table is a true star of this unit. This USA made jointer will give you a straight, accurate finish even when you pass down the largest boards. Besides, the fence can be tilted conveniently at 45 angle on both sides.

Helical cutterhead produces shear cutting. The row of carbide inserts rotates at a moderate angle (14 degrees) facing the wood. Thereby fiber disturbance is kept to a minimum. 

A 2HP motor will support your need for demanding jobs. Rear door allows easy access to the drive belt to adjust tension if necessary.

  • Adjustments are easy to make.
  • Extended lifespan of the blade.
  • Ergonomic table for extended support.
  • Efficient fence for excellent bevel setting.
  • Quite expensive for a novice woodworker.

3. Baileigh IJ-883P 8 inch Parallelogram Jointer – Also Great Parallelogram Jointer

Baileigh IJ-883P 8 inch Parallelogram Jointer - Also Great Parallelogram Jointer

Here is another 8-inch jointer, great for its elongated parallelogram table configuration.  If you need to increase your shop productivity Baileigh IJ-883P would be the perfect one. 

First and foremost, the extra-large table and fence of Baileigh IJ-883P immediately hooked our attention. The table is ground flat and the 83” length is just amazing. Plus the fence is 5-1/2” high, the tallest among its class. So, edge-jointing wide stocks are dead simple. 

Apart from this, you have a ratcheting handle on the fence for effortless moving. There is also a quick release, so you can set the fence to a 45-degree angle in seconds. 

The 3HP motor is the biggest to power the cutterhead. So, you won’t experience issues working with hardwoods. We also like that it has only one V-belt driver, and a threaded adjuster to make tightening effortless.   

And who doesn’t like some wheels at the base? The mobility of this machine is perfect for a small shop.

  • Withstand commercial applications.
  • Replaceable with helical cutterhead.
  • Control switch shows lights when plugged in.
  • Convenient dust collection port.
  • Fence is slightly concave (tolerable).

4. Grizzly G0858 8” Helical Jointer – Best 8 inch Jointer for the Money

Grizzly G0858 8 inch Helical Jointer - Best 8 inch Jointer for the Money

If you need an 8-inch jointer that offers premium features at a fair price, Grizzly G0858 8” Helical Jointer is best you can invest your money in.

We love parallelogram jointers and Grizzly G0858 is another example of that. The four-point of contact allows an arched table travel for accurate and safer alignment.  

A lever adjuster helps you set up a precise cut depth. Hinge mount rack and pinion mechanism makes moving the fence trouble-free. Jointing and rabbeting have never been much easier. 

Again, this 8” helical jointer delivers quiet performance. The 36 carbide inserts leave the cleanest finish on the boards you’re milling. 

The 3HP motor and a 40” infeed table help you finish your project without annoyance.  Last but not least, a built-in mobile base lets you move the machine around with ease.

  • Fairly priced for a professional machine.
  • Offer an accurate finish is less time.
  • Table and fence adjustments are simple.
  • Large OFF paddle switch for safety.
  • 4-1/2” fence isn’t the tallest.

5. Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD Jointer – Best 8 inch Benchtop Jointer

Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD Jointer - Best 8 inch Benchtop Jointer

8 inch benchtop jointers are ideal for small shops and Wahuda Tools 50180CC is best in this class.  Despite the budget-friendly price, this USA manufactured machine has advanced mechanical excellence.  

With only 64 pound weight and heavy-duty cast iron tables Wahuda Tools 50180CC combines performance and safety in a portable unit.  

When you pull out the extension, its 34” table expands up to 51”. No wonder with this length, it’s a versatile 8-inch jointer, and you can get casual flattening done effectively as well.

24” aluminum fence is bigger than the jointer overall size to reduce vibration. You can tilt the fence from 90 to 135 degrees and it has a lot to offer when squaring up edges. 

In addition, 4-sided spiral cutter head has 16 carbide inserts. They leave a cleaner finish on figured woods and still run quieter than straight knives. 

Aluminum carbides won’t get nicked easily. If this ever happens, you only need to remove one screw to replace or rotate them quickly. This reduces downtime and keeps your project on track.  

Lastly, with 4 levelers in each table, adjusting the coplanar isn’t complicated.

  • Wide and clean cutting surface.
  • Affordable yet a highly rated jointer.
  • Desired sharpness is easily achieved.
  • High strength table ensures better stability.
  • Fence can’t be tilted closer than perpendicular (90 degrees).

6. Cutech 8 inch Spiral Cutterhead Jointer- Also Great 8 inch Benchtop Jointer

Cutech 8 inch Spiral Cutterhead Jointer- Also Great 8 inch Benchtop Jointer

Cutech 40180HC-CT 8-inch benchtop jointer has all-around features and if you’re a beginner it’s the best option out there. 

Apart from a few differences, it is quite similar to the 8-inch benchtop jointer reviewed above. Despite this, Cutech 40180HC-CT comes at a much cheaper price. 

Its spiral cutterhead cuts smoothly, runs quieter, and endure endless lumber. Besides, the 10 AMP, 120V motor can get through a lot of work quickly. 1/8” cutting depth produces a silky surface and won’t let you cut too deep accidentally. 

This jointer 4-3/8” high adjustable fence straight edges perfectly and hold up well even when impacted by eight-inch hardwoods. Its fence is tilted from 90 to 135 degrees and the table is adjustable for beveled edges.

Weighing only 49 pound, it follows a small footprint of industrial-grades and can be transported to a job site easily. There is not much you can expect from a portable 8 inch tabletop jointer.

  • Integrated dust collection.
  • Built with tight tolerances.
  • Efficient at straightening a bulk of boards.
  • Most budget-friendly benchtop model.
  • Not geared towards professional usage.

7. Jet JJP-8BT Benchtop Jointer Planer Combo – Best 8 inch Jointer Planer Combo

Jet JJP-8BT Benchtop Jointer Planer Combo - Best 8 inch Jointer Planer Combo

If you want to maximize your limited workspace, a jointer planer combo is the right machine. With advanced features, JJP-8BT packs a punch and wins the race for the best 8 inch jointer planer combo.

Right off the bet, the 13 AMP motor ensures robust performance and is one of the showcasing features of Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer / Planer combo. With two high-velocity knives, the tool completes 19.5 feet/minute to cut more layers in less time. 

The bigger nobs and table lock makes it a safer and easier machine to work with. Outfeed table has user-friendly height adjustment to handle a range of workpieces. 

Combine that with +/-45 degree adjustable aluminum fence. It makes jointing accurate at every stage in your job. 

Integrated cord wrap avoids sagging wires and eliminates accidents. Moreover, its 67-pound weight gives more access to storage and makes transportation easier.

  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design.
  • Reasonably priced for a quality product.
  • Space-saving two-in-one machine.
  • Portable and safety features for versatile work support.
  • No adjusting screws to fix off the level beds.

8. Shop Fox W1857 8″ Dovetail Jointer – Best 8 inch Jointer Under $1500

Shop Fox W1857 8 inch Dovetail Jointer - Best 8 inch Jointer Under $1500

If you’re in search of the best 8-inch jointer under $1500, Shop Fox W1857 is the perfect one at this price range. It is designed to provide years of trouble free operation. 

Thanks to the cast iron construction Shop Fox W1857 8″ Jointer comes with. The four straight-knife cutter head design and 3HP motor is capable of producing 25% more cuts/minute than a regular jointer. Besides, the fully adjustable fence allows you to cut different angles and remove rough edges smoothly. 

The 72”x8” (LxW) table dimension is the biggest selling point. This makes flattening the face of a larger stock much simpler. ½-inch rabbeting capacity is standard. 

Parallelogram tilting arms are better, but we found no issues adjusting the tables in sloped dovetailed ways. The built-in mobile base is worth mentioning. You can move this heavy machine without issues.  

We also find the free safety blocks and user manual useful. 

  • Versatile 8-inch jointer.
  • Paddle switch offer easiest access.
  • Table adjustment isn’t complicated.
  • Ruggedly built parts.
  • Flattening hardwood faces is a bit noisy.

9. Jet 7JJ-8CS 8 inch Closed Stand Jointer – Also Great Under $1500

Jet 7JJ-8CS 8 inch Closed Stand Jointer - Also Great Under $1500

A feature packed jointer that doesn’t come with a hefty price. Behold Jet 7JJ-8CS, another great 8-inch jointer under 1500 bucks. 

Jet 7JJ-8CS comes with a heavy-duty 2HP, 12 AMP motor, and still runs quieter. It supplies all power to its high rotating steel knives to tackle toughest of jointing tasks. 

The table is ground flat. Lengthwise its infeed table is above standard. Cast iron construction ensures greater stability when working with longer boards. Again, a rabbeting ledge increases its versatility.

Wide handwheel table adjusters are easy to operate. A convenient lock enhances accurate depth setup. 

Moreover, its tilting fence stops at 45 and 90 degrees in both ways. This makes bevel operation less of a hassle for you.

  • Affordable 8-inch jointer.
  • Rigid fence for added support.
  • Includes effective dust/chip disposal system.
  • Closed stand with mounting table offer more stability.
  • Only 3 (straight) knives translate to lower cuts/minute.

10. Grizzly G0656X 8 inch Spiral Cutterhead Jointer – Best 8″ Spiral Cutter Jointer

Grizzly G0656X 8 inch Spiral Cutterhead Jointer - Best 8 inch Spiral Cutter Jointer

For the quickest warp removing, many hobbyists love 8 inch jointers with spiral cutterheads. If you’re too looking for yours, don’t miss what Grizzly G0656X has on offer. With spiral cutterheads it’s one of the best 8” jointer at an affordable price. 

Starting with the fence, it is one of the tallest (5-inch) we’ve seen so far. Moreover, it is easily adjustable at three different angles (45/90/135). 

You won’t find another jointer fence that provides this versatility for cutting bevels. Again, the rack and pinion adjuster is designed for the smoothest lateral control. 

The 72” long table provides the desired stability you require in a busy shop. Besides, the 4-row of carbide inserts make straightening easier. These knives are indexable, means you can continue your sharpening project without worrying about dull knives soon. 

Apart from flattening and jointing, this machine has a rabbeting attachment to help you cut smooth rabbets in no time. 

With 523 pounds overall weight, the machine is quite heavy. However, with the built-in mobile base, you can conveniently move it around your shop.

  • Offers heavy-duty jointing.
  • Versatile fence adjustment.
  • USA manufactured machine.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Sliding infeed table adjustment could be tricky.

11. Jet JJ-8HH 8 inch Helical Cutterhead Jointer – Also Great Helical Head 8 inch Jointer

Jet JJ-8HH 8 inch Helical Cutterhead Jointer - Also Great Helical Head 8 inch Jointer

From the design perspective, there are a lot of similarities between Jet 7JJ-8CS and Jet JJ-8HH jointers. However, JJ-8HH is a great 8-inch jointer with an efficient helical cutterhead that sets them apart.  

Other than this, JET JJ-8HH offers all the essential features you expect from the best 8-inch jointers. If we go a little deeper, the cutterhead consists of 36 carbide inserts to give you an accurate and even surfacing experience. 

The cast iron table surface is 71” long to provide adequate support to your planing and jointing needs. The handwheel table adjustments and locking levers are popular in wedgebed style. Unless you alter the table settings frequently you won’t require a lot of muscle. 

The fence is perfectly square when we checked the casting along its length. We also liked the titling action that allows bevels up to 45 and 90 degrees.

  • Efficient cutterhead leaves a nice finish.
  • Longer table boost stability.
  • Sturdy design provides long service.
  • Reasonably priced for the performance.
  • Locking levers are little awkward.

12. Grizzly G0857 Parallelogram 8 inch Jointer – Also Great Grizzly 8 inch Jointer

Grizzly G0857 Parallelogram 8 inch Jointer - Also Great Grizzly 8 inch Jointer

Coming back to Grizzly, G0857 is another great 8-inch jointer that will complement any woodshop. Due to a user-friendly design, it provides a comfortable jointing experience. 

Talking about user experience, Grizzly G0857 gets all the benefits of a parallelogram jointer. You can adjust each table independently and align a coplanar in no time. 

Moreover, a hydraulic lever makes setting up cut depth a breeze. With this, you can flatten boards of various densities effortlessly. 

The 40” long infeed table enhances safety when surfacing longer stock. Plus, the rack and pinion adjustment allow the fence to move back and forth smoothly. 

Again, with a 3HP motor, the 4 knives cutterhead produce 22,000 cuts/minute, making G0857 a powerful unit for professional applications. 

Lastly, we must appreciate the mobile base and the control switch, which is mounted on a mast for quick access.

  • Beginner-friendly design.
  • Excellent price to performance.
  • Maximum safety during operation.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Straight knife cutterhead is less durable.

13. DELTA DJ-20 8 inch Jointer – Also Great 1-1/2 HP Jointer

DELTA DJ-20 8 inch Jointer - Also Great 1-1/2 HP Jointer

We are finishing our list of the best 8 inch wood jointer with the Delta DJ20. In case you need a high-performance jointer for home shop, or small woodshop, this great 1.5 HP machine is worth considering. 

It features a 42” large infeed table, which is the main charm of this jointer. Delta DJ20 is designed for extra work support, when a diamond ribbing facilitates equal weight distribution. 

The adjusting lever with parallelogram structure maximizes ease and ensures superior chipbreaking. The heavy-duty cast iron table and a shoulder height Paddle switch reduce the operational risk significantly. Plus, the single phase induction motor is sealed for robust performance. 

Apart from this, the 3-knife modular cutterhead rotates heavily (5500 RPM), can go up to 16,500 cuts/minute to give your workpiece a smooth, consistent cut. Finally, the rack and pinion mechanism promote trouble—free fence movement. It tilts at 45 degrees on both sides to meet your beveling needs.

  • Generous table length for ease of use.
  • Induction motor hardly bog down.
  • Cutterhead reduce kickback of stock; easily replaceable.
  • Very stable in use for its weight.
  • Less powerful for industrial use.

What to look for when buying an 8 inch jointer?

It’s important to learn the key features of the best quality 8 inch wood jointer. If you want to surface the wood with fewer passes ½ to ¾ inch cutting depth will give you great results.

Spiral and helical cutterhead is better than straight knives. They don’t snap and wear down slowly. They reduce operating noise significantly as well. 

1 HP motor is good for softwoods and for novice users. If you work with thicker boards, a 2HP motor is necessary to power the cutterheads and remove more layers at each go. 

The bigger the flatbed the longer the stock you can joint. This also gives additional support when working with irregular faces.

Finally, edge jointing is easier with a taller fence. Rack and pinion adjusters are best for effortless moving.  

8-Inch Wood Jointer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an 8 inch wood jointer used for?

Any jointer out there is used primarily for making flat faces on boards and then square corners. Smoothening rough stock lumber is a major function of woodworking and 8-inch jointers simplify this process. 

What does an 8-inch jointer do?

8-inch jointers consist of an infeed and outfeed bed and a parallel cutterhead in between. As you lower the infeed table and run a board the blades will cut layers and produce smooth surfaces. There is also an adjustable wood fence that is used for squaring edges and cut bevels. 

What can you do with an 8-inch jointer?

An 8-inch jointer will allow you to produce perfectly flat workpieces, correct bow, and warp to true shape. You can put the edges of the flat surface against the fence and make them straight. You can make tapered legs for tables and remove widths from a door to fit them into your cabinets.  

Why should you buy an 8 inch jointer?

If your projects involve working with rough lumbers then 8-inch jointers will be an essential tool to have in your workshop. You can produce smooth referee surfaces and straight-edges more accurately and save time before putting them into a thickness planer.  

What are the advantages of an 8 inch jointer?

During woodworking, you may come across sawn lumber slightly wider than just 6-inches. If you’re using a 6-inch jointer you may not be able to surface them comfortably. 8-inch machines facilitate extra width and you won’t face this issue. With bigger flatbeds, you won’t need additional support to balance a longer workpiece either. 

What is the advantage of a parallelogram jointer?

Parallelogram jointers allow the infeed and outfeed bed to move up and down on titling parallel arms rather than sliding on a couple of slopes/dovetails. Many woodworkers believe this table configuration is easier, particularly when the style of workpieces demands changing the cutting depth frequently.  

Is a parallelogram jointer worth it?

A few experts claim that tables on wedge bed jointers begin to wear along the dovetail ways and the end of the table may sag over time. This will limit their ability to be coplanar with each other. The credibility of the claim could be argued, but parallelogram jointers are easier to use and worth the extra money.

What does an 8 inch spiral cutterhead jointer mean?

As the name suggests, the spiral cutterhead comes with a series of inserts (carbide) surrounding the steelhead. Each insert has four blades and the cutting action of each blade is identical to the hand plane. However, compared to straight knives, they leave fewer marks and provide greater cut quality. 

What does an 8 inch helical cutterhead jointer mean?

They are almost identical to the spiral cutterheads. But the key difference is that, Spiral cutters rotate perpendicular to the jointer feed, while the helical cutters rotate at 14 degrees off the axis. Apart from this, helical cutterheads use fewer inserts per row than the counterparts.

What does an 8 inch jointer/planer combo mean?

It means a system that meets the need of jointing and planing a board at the convenience of a single machine. They are often the hobbyist’s go-to choice since they can save some space and money in the workshop. However, switching between the modes takes time and needs a few adjustments which could be unpleasant.  

Are 8 inch benchtop jointers any good?

If you run a small carpentry shop and carry out medium scale projects benchtop jointers could be a great choice. They’re lightweight, don’t take up much space, yet produce accurate finish. 

What is a good 8 inch jointer?

A good 8-inch jointer has to be one that comes with quieter helical cutterheads, perfectly flat and longer infeed and outfeed table, one that accompanies a reasonably tall square fence and finally a powerful motor.  

What HP 8 inch jointer is good?

Unless you handle a bulk of wooden blocks a 2HP motor will be powerful enough to generate greater cuts per minute.  

Which 8 inch jointer to buy?

With premium features, Powermatic 60HH has to be the most powerful 8-inch jointer for professional use. However, the tradeoff is more upfront cost to get all those benefits. If you’re a hobbyist woodworker, Wahuda Tools 50180 CC W-HD benchtop jointer would be a much cheaper alternative.  

Final Words

Wood jointers don’t only replace the need for a hand plane, they hold a special place in a professional’s day-to-day needs to true up boards in the quickest of time. And when it comes to offering price to performance 8-inch jointers are unmatched. 

We hope you’re able to choose your best 8-inch jointer from this list above. Nonetheless, let’s look at our top recommendations once again:

Powermatic 60HH is best in the business for its heavy-duty jointing. If you want an excellent value for your investment, Grizzly G0858 8” Helical Jointer is our best alternative. Grizzly G0656X 8 inch jointer comes with the most durable spiral cutterhead and another great option at a cheaper price.

If you need the fastest depth-to-cut adjusting table, aim for Powermatic PJ-882HH Parallelogram Jointer. For hobbyists, Wahuda Tools 50180CC-WHD benchtop jointer offers the best mix of durability, ease, and performance. Finally, for smaller shops, Jet JJP-8BT  is the best 8-inch jointer/planer combo out there.

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