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7 Best Blacksmith Hammers (2023) – [A Beginner’s Guide]

best blacksmith hammer

Getting a good hammer that can shape the steel with ease is necessary to achieve the finest results for your finished product. Hammer is one of the most vital tools for blacksmiths and an absolute necessity for the beginners.

Understanding which hammer is the best for you and figuring out which one is fit for the job can be confusing.

So here is a list of the best blacksmith hammers available on the market along with a few basic details which you should look into before you buy one.

Best Hammer for Knife Making – [My Top 7 Picks]

Best Hammers for Blacksmithing and Knife Making – (Top Picks of 2023)

Here are the top 7 hammers for blacksmithing and knife making you need to know about.

1. Titan Tools 5-Piece Blacksmith Hammer Set – Best Overall

Titan Tools 63125 5-Piece Blacksmith Hammer Set – Top Pick

Key Points:

  • Perfect weight for blacksmithing.
  • Absorbs vibrations.
  • Textured rubber handle for better grip.
  • Reversing the hammerhead can be difficult.

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a hammer. The hammer should be of top-notch quality and should get the job done easily. This one, in particular, has all the requirements to become our top pick!

Titan Tools 63125 set comes with five hammers. One 16 oz ball pein hammer, a 32 oz ball pein hammer, a 332 oz rubber mallet, a 3lb sledgehammer, and a 3lb cross pein hammer.

Each of these is made with precision and care. They will get the job done in minutes. The handles on these are made from fiberglass and wrapped in rubber. They are also textured for a better grip and better control over your work.

Tightly locked in place with epoxy resin, the heads of the hammers are strongly attached to the handle. There is absolutely no chance of the two separating. All the hammers in this set also absorb shock and vibrations pretty well.

2. Goplus 5-Piece Blacksmithing Hammer Set – Runner Up

Goplus 5-Piece Blacksmithing Hammer Set

Key Points:

  • Shock absorbing handles.
  • Versatile use.
  • Anti-slip rubber grips.
  • Does not work well with hot steel.

This Goplus one is also a five-piece set that includes a ball-peen hammer, rubber mallet, sledgehammer, cross peen hammer, and a blacksmith forge tool.

Made with polished steel, this set is heavy, weighty, and perfect for forging or hammering any kind of metal. It feels very heavy in hand, so for sure, it will make your work easier. You do not have to apply extreme force all the time.

The handles on this one are made with rubber. They also have an outer layer of non-slip plastic, which makes sure that the hammer never slides out of your hand. It also provides great grip and control.

For your comfort, the handles are shock-absorbing, and can naturally dampen almost all types of vibrations. You won’t have to deal with any more annoying judder.

Moreover, the set includes every type of hammer that you might need. You can do it all; shape, stamp, and strike with this set alone. Also, you can use these if you work at a construction site or jewelry shop. It’s a great choice for beginners as well.

3. Hampous 4-Piece Blacksmith Hammer Set – Best for Beginners

Hampous 4-Piece Blacksmith Hammer Set – Best for Beginners

Key Points:

  • Great for rounding off edges.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Sturdy.
  • Loosely attached embellishments.

This 4 piece hammer set is a must-have if you are just starting out and new to the world of blacksmithing. It is best for beginners. In the set, you get a 16 and 24 oz ball peen hammer, a 3lb sledgehammer, and a 3lb cross peen hammer.

The hammers are made with forged iron, so the hammers are weighty and sturdy. You can rest assured that there are no chances of these falling apart or breaking during usage. The head is epoxied with the handle, as well.

Like any other good quality hammer handle, these are also made with rubber and coated with plastic. But, the best part about these is that they do not have that nasty plastic-y smell on them. What a relief!

Moreover, the ball-peen hammer in this set is best for rounding off edges, and also any sort of reshaping of metals. You can break almost anything with the sledgehammer.

Also worth mentioning is the cross peen hammer, which works great with metal that is still malleable.

4. Nordic Forge 2 Lb. Blacksmith Hammer – Best Rounding Hammer

Nordic Forge 2 Lb. Blacksmith Rounding Hammer

Key Points:

  • Steelhead.
  • Great for rounding metal.
  • Wood handle, less vibration.
  • No anti-slip or textured grip.

This single hammer is capable of doing a lot more than you can imagine. Its simple and sleek design might make you underestimate it, but there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.

The head of the hammer is made out of steel and is attached to a long wooden handle. Even though this one is a more traditional type of hammer with no rubber or plastic-coated handles, there is no oil, residue, or any polyurethane on it.

So, the chances of the hammer slipping out of your hand are quite slim.

A huge advantage of traditional hammers like this one is that you can work on both cold and hot metal. Temperature is never an issue with these.

Besides being a great tool for rounding and reshaping metal, this one is also quite famous for working wonders on shoes. It can be used for both delicate and intense hammering. So you can count on this one for all your blacksmithing projects.

5. Estwing E3-32BP Hammer – Best Ball Peen Hammer

Estwing E3-32BP Hammer - Best Ball Peen Hammer

Key Points:

  • Versatility.
  • Molded into one piece.
  • Absorbs up to 70% vibrations.
  • Might get deformed.

This single tool is strong enough to easily be called the best ball-peen hammer available on the market.

If the main tool that you use while working is a ball-peen hammer, invest a little more on this one to get a great and enduring piece. This 32oz tool is extremely durable and made with the finest techniques.

The handle is molded together with the head. That means that this hammer is built in one piece; the handle and the head are not separate. You will not have to worry about your hammerheads detaching from its handle.

Moreover, this opts for a greater lifespan than any other ball-peen hammer and reduces the chances of it breaking or causing you to buy a new one.

Handles that reduce shock make your job more comfortable and smooth by reducing up to 70% vibrations. This one is widely known for its amazing shock-absorbing quality. You won’t feel any vibrations caused by the collision. 

Not only can this hammer be used by blacksmiths, but anyone like jewelers, mechanics or contractors can use it too. Not to mention, this is also great for household projects. It’s a great tool for reshaping, chiseling, and also peening rivets.

6. Stanley 4-Pound Blacksmith Hammer – Best Cross Peen Hammer

Stanley 56-220 4-Pound Blacksmith Cross Pein Hammer

Key Points:

  • Well balanced.
  • Affordable.
  • Fiberglass handle.
  • Leaves no marks.
  • Handle is not shock-reducing.

Stanley 56-220 is specially designed for all the talented and pro blacksmiths out there. Weighing only four pounds, this one is made with forged steel and is well known for being quite sturdy. The steel is hardened and also tempered. So you know you’re paying for quality here.

Also, the handle is made with jacketed fiberglass and comes in an aggressive yellow color. The black and yellow color palette of this one surely makes it look really sleek and modern.

This cross peen hammer comes with a New England patterned head. It makes sure not to leave any sharp marks or scratches on your work.

You will feel a good balance with this one, and the rubber handles make sure you always have a good grip and are in full control of the hammer. It does its job well and allows you to make a powerful blow. Also, it is quite affordable.

7. Estwing Sure Strike Cross Pein Hammer

Estwing MRF40BS Sure Strike Cross Pein Hammer

Key Points:

  • Easy on the wallet.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Long life span.
  • Has more than one use.
  • A little lightweight.

Estwing MRF40BS is a blacksmith hammer that will last you a lifetime. Made with forged steel, this one claims to be the most durable and sturdy.

This striking tool provides great balance and control when it is used. The steel is also tempered and of a New England design.

Moreover, the fiberglass handle makes sure that you get a good grip and can make comfortable and hard swings. These handles are also famous for being really shock-absorbent. Almost no vibration is felt from the impact.

Of course, this one is much suited for all types of blacksmith projects, like forging, reshaping, or rounding steel, but it can also be used in different projects like making jewelry, construction work, or any requirements around the house. It’s a very versatile tool.

Also, it is good for beginners, as the design and function are simple. And the best thing is, you do not have to spend a lot of money on this one either. So if you are new to the world of blacksmithing, this one is a great starting tool.

Best Blacksmith Hammer Buying Guide – [Updated 2023]

If you’re looking for an excellent blacksmith hammer, you’ll have to know some essential aspects before choosing one for yourself. I have made this easy for you with the buyer’s guide.

1. Blacksmith Hammer Types

Blacksmiths use different types of forging hammers according to their needs. But all of them are not equally important. The most common hammers that you’ll need to use as a beginner are listed below.

Ball-Peen Hammer: A ball-peen hammer, which is also known as the ball-pein hammer, has a relatively flat face with a nice radiused edge and the peen, which is ball-shaped.

As a blacksmith, you may not use a ball-peen hammer very often for forging. It spreads metal all way around evenly. You can use this hammer for dishing an alloy to make a spoon or a candle cup.

Cross-Peen Hammer: Cross peen hammer is the most common hammer that every blacksmith uses for forging. The peen of a cross-pein hammer or cross-peen hammer is perpendicular (90 degrees) to the handle, and the face is dome-shaped.

It is a handy hammer to draw out stock metal and to spread material vertically (expand the width) within a short amount of time.

Rounding Hammer: Rounding hammer is similar to a ball-peen hammer. But one face of the rounding hammer is relatively flat, and the other one is nicely rounded. You can use it for dishing large metals. While ball peen-hammer leaves hammer marks on the metal, a rounding hammer will provide a smooth finish. 

Sledgehammer: Sledgehammers are the most massive hammers in a blacksmithing shop. A sledgehammer has two flat faces and a long handle. It’s a striking hammer.

When you need to turn a thick block of metal into a smaller piece without thinking about its shape and details, you’ll need a sledgehammer to finish the job efficiently.

2. Hammer Handle

Hammer handle is a vital aspect to consider before choosing a blacksmithing hammer. You’ll find hammers with different handle sizes and materials.

You should select the length of the hammer handle according to your height and preference. A 14” to 16” handle will provide you with better comfort while forging. For the striker hammer, choose between 20” to 25” handle. 

The common hammer handle materials are as follows:

Wood Handle: Wood handles are the most preferred ones by the blacksmiths as they transmit a minimal vibration. The best woods for a hammer handle are hickory, ash, pecan, etc.

They are easy to build, and you can easily modify or replace the handle anytime. If you’re a beginner, you may feel less grip and comfort on a wood handle, but you’ll overcome this with time. 

Fiberglass Handle: Fiberglass handles are excellent, they come with a rubber wrapping for extra comfort. It provides a better grip while forging and transmits less vibration.

The drawback of a fiberglass handle is its splinters. Splinters are hard to find on your hand and not easy to remove. It may harm your health. Also, the eye size may be too short of replacing the handle with a wooden one.

Steel Handle: Steel handles are the strongest among all. If you’re looking for a robust handle, this is the right one for your needs. But they are heavy, and you may not be able to modify the handle easily. They transmit a higher degree of vibration than other materials. 

3. Hammer Weight

Hammer weight is critical to look at. Depending on the size of the anvil you have, you’ll need to choose a hammer accordingly.

According to the professional blacksmiths, the anvil to hammer weight ratio should be 40:1 – that means if you have a 40 lbs anvil, then a 1 lb hammer will provide the maximum efficiency.

Generally, most blacksmiths use a 2 lb or 3 lb hammer for forging and 8 lb hammer as a striking hammer in all kinds of projects.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

What kind of hammer does a blacksmith use?

Blacksmith mostly uses the cross-pein hammer. There are other hammers that a blacksmith also uses for forging, such as – ball-peen hammer, straight-peen hammer, rounding hammer and sledgehammer. All these hammers are available in different styles and sizes. 

How heavy should a blacksmith hammer be?

It depends on individual preference. Professional blacksmiths use the hammer for forging between 2 lb to 4 lb. A four-pounder may be a little heavy for some blacksmiths, but for large projects, you may want to use such a massive hammer.

A sledgehammer that is used as the striking hammer in a blacksmithing shop has a higher weight, such as – 8 lb or more.

Fiberglass Vs. Wood Hammer Handle – Which is the best for blacksmithing?

Wood handles are the most used ones by the professional blacksmiths. They are versatile, easy to modify, and replace. Besides, the wood handle transmits less vibration.

On the other hand, fiberglass handles may provide a better grip, but the fiberglass splinters are harmful to your health. The amount of vibration that a fiberglass handle transmits is higher than the amount of wood handle. 

Final Words

We covered every aspect of blacksmithing hammers. Now it’s your turn to make your decision. You can choose one from the list of the best blacksmith hammers according to your needs.

A quick recap for you – The Hampous 4-Piece Set is an excellent package for the beginners. If you’re looking for a more premium option, you can check this Titan Tools 63125 Forging Hammer Set. And the Stanley 56-220 4-Pound hammer is an excellent cross-peen hammer which you can use as your main forging hammer.

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