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7 Best Brake Line Flaring Tools | Professional Double Flare 2023

best brake line flaring tool

Flaring tools come in many forms, but it’s best to know that you can’t rely on just about any flaring tools to work on brake lines. They need a specific type to work effectively.

There are also a lot of safety concerns if you try to stick to a regular flaring tool. So, what can you do?

Well, you can go through our guide to find the best brake line flaring tools for your toolbox. So, without delay, let’s flare into the list.

Best Double Brake Line Flaring Tools – [My Top Picks]

Best Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool – [Top Picks of 2023]

Here are the best double flaring tools for brake lines you need to know about.

1. TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool – Best Overall

TGR Professional Bubble-Double 45-Degree Brake Line Flaring Tool – Top Pick

Key Points:

  • Dies and tubes are easy to screw with the T-Handle.
  • Vise mount compatible.
  • Comes with dies for a plethora of tubing sizes.
  • Exceedingly simple to use.
  • Needs a certain length of straight tubing to fit.

While making this list, I had to look at every aspect of the product, giving extra attention to quality. However, I can’t include something of high quality if the price is unreasonable.

So, when I approach this 45-degree flaring tool, it’s easy for someone to get intimidated by the price.

However, TGR Professional Flare tool more than justifies its price and offers superior flaring. The first thing to note is just how comfortable this kit is to use.

It fits comfortably into your palm and feels even better while flaring. The easy operation capabilities translate directly into the output quality.

You can flare all of your brake lines exactly how you need it, with superior quality and precision, and say goodbye to all the leaks. If you’re looking for the best flaring tool for stainless steel brake lines, this tool is the right one.

The kit includes multiple die tubes to increase versatility. Besides, it creates a pristine single, double, and bubble flares that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. There’s no wonder why it’s our top pick.

2. Eastwood 25304 – Best Double Flare Tool

Eastwood 25304 Brake Line Flaring Tool - Best Double Flare Tool

Key Points:

  • Compatibility with numerous materials.
  • Stellar T-handle for secure screwing.
  • The indexed head keeps the dies always ready for use.
  • Very fast flare generation.
  • Highly-priced.
  • Some components aren’t up to par with the rest.

Next up, I head towards a flaring tool that offers extreme versatility, incredible quality, and ease of use in one superb package. Eastwood has more than outdone itself with this outstanding quality flaring tool.

One of the highlighted features Eastwood 25304 offers is its outstanding speed. You can make any kind of flare in a matter of a few seconds.

Whether it’s single, double, or bubble, you’ll get to make the exact flare you need almost immediately for whatever brake lines you use.

I’ve put this guy to use many times, and it passed the test each time. I would say this is the best double flare tool for brake lines on our list.

A lot of these tools need to be compatible with the material you work with. Or else, you’ll end up with a messed up and unusable brake line.

But not this unit. It keeps its head up strong as it can handle pretty much any material, be it stainless steel or soft metal.

With all of these features in its arsenal, there’s no wondering how it made it on the list.

3. Mastercool 72475-PRC Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Tool

MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Tool

Key Points:

  • Top of the line quality.
  • Effective handheld hydraulic pump.
  • Fit for universal use.
  • Includes a great tube cutter for assistance.
  • Isn’t recommended unless you have the budget.
  • Storage case doesn’t properly fit optional adapters.

Flaring tools cost a lot. It’s only natural considering just how complicated they are to make. To make the best, you need to invest a lot more.

However, that does mean that it’ll be priced a lot. Nonetheless, it needs to justify the price. So, I am happy to report that Mastercool doesn’t just justify its price, but makes it seem like a steal.

Yes, Mastercool 72475-PRC offers outstanding quality that just can’t be matched anywhere else. Every single brake line I’ve used this on left me in awe as the lack of leaks was outstanding.

Each component shows off nothing short of utter expert craftsmanship. They are all perfectly synergized to give the best possible feel and results possible.

If you’re looking for an outstanding handheld Hydraulic brake line flaring tool, you’re going to have a rough time finding one better. Each flare it generates is top-tier quality.

Not to mention, it comes with a state-of-the-art tool cutter. In case you have the budget, this is the perfect set for you.

4. MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC – Best Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Tool

MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC – Best Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Tool

Key Points:

  • Extremely convenient features.
  • Works on materials like annealed steel and dead soft.
  • Enhanced die grips.
  • Comes with a superb tube cutter.
  • One of the most expensive tools on this list.
  • Not ideal for push connects.

Yes, I am including two Mastercool units in a row. However, there’s a very good reason for that. This brand is well known in the flaring industry for the plethora of outstanding tools they’ve dished out.

I am going to be blunt. Mastercool 72485-PRC is probably the best hydraulic brake line flaring tool I’ve ever worked with. Every bit of its design enhances your flaring experience.

They employ an improved hydraulic system that enhances performance. It uses a tube and die stabilization feature to make the tube forming much easier.

Furthermore, the unit utilizes something called the magnetic adapter holder. This nifty tool keeps optional adapters stick firmly onto the toolbox, making them easier to carry and better to use.

To top it all off, they add an outstanding tube cutter that can chop down 1/8-inch to 5/8-inch tubing like it’s butter. Just rest assured that this is one of the finest tools you’ll ever work with.

5. OTC 6502 Master Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit

OTC 6502 Master ISO/Bubble-SAE/Double Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit

Key Points:

  • Extremely affordable.
  • Comes with a plethora of support tools.
  • Superb case.
  • Isn’t the most durable.
  • Tubes may slip from the vise.

Affordability is key to a lot of people browsing through this list. If you’re one of them, then so far, you’ve only been discouraged with the extreme price tags.

It’s easy to think that there might be no affordable SAE double flare tool in the market. That’s why I am listing this spectacular OTC model.

It’s got a ridiculous number of features that set it apart from any other flaring tool in its price range.

The OTC 6502 kit covers all kinds of flares from single to double. Each use feels like a treat since it’s just so easy. Moreover, there’s a ton of extra useful utensils and support materials that come with it.

This includes an arbor press, adaptors, deburring tools, tube cutters, and many more.

Yes, the title does not deceive you. It is an ISO bubble flare tool, as well. Each bubble flare produces state-of-the-art flares and even better results.

All in all, it’s the ideal tool for brake lines at a reasonable price.

6. K-Tool International KTI-70081 Double Brake Line Flaring Tool

K-Tool International KTI-70081 Double-Bubble Brake Line Flaring Tool

Key Points:

  • Wide range of tube support.
  • Uses a T-handle.
  • Works elegantly on Stainless, OE and soft steel.
  • Lacks accessory tools.
  • Handle design needs improvement.

Are you looking for a good stainless steel brake line flaring tool that you can rely on for years to come?

Although I’ve listed quite a few outstanding units for this purpose, there’s something very special about this K-Tool unit.

The KTI-70081 is a modern gem just waiting for discovery. There’s so much you can do with this kit that it had to be on this list. From its outstanding quality to its even better design, there’s a lot to love.

The tool is vise mount compatible for more stable performance. It even has those extremely convenient T-handles we all know and love. This is also exceptionally effective on stainless steel.

7. ABN Bubble & Double Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit

ABN Bubble & Double Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit

Key Points:

  • Exceptional value for the price.
  • Supports multiple materials.
  • Wide range of tube support.Not suited for copper.
  • Flare quality is slightly poor.

I am adding one more affordable flare tool before I close up this list. It’s a utility champion, offering vast tube support. You can use it almost anywhere for pretty much any function.

This ABN Inverted flare tool (double flare) has a lot to offer with a superb tube cutter that can slice and dice any tube to whatever length you need. It also offers great compatibility with a vast array of materials like aluminum.

The ABN unit is amazing at what it does. It lasts for a considerable amount of time. You won’t need to worry about replacing it even though it already costs so little.

Best Professional Double Flaring Tool – [Updated Buying Guide]

There’s a lot of things you need to watch out for before you make the final purchase. If you end up getting the wrong tool for your brake lines, there will be catastrophic results.

Compatibility matters immensely. You absolutely can’t afford to go in blindly. So, carefully go through these points and figure out which will suit you the most.

Buy accordingly, and you’ll be able to get the best brake line flaring tool.

1. Brake Line Flaring Tool Types

There are various styles of brake line flaring tools available on the market – Conventional, Vise Mounted, Hydraulic, and On Car Flaring Tools. Let’s find out which one is the perfect style for you.

Conventional Flaring Tool: This style of flaring tools is the most affordable brake line flaring tool you can purchase. But, they are inefficient and take a longer time for making flares.

Some of these tools can only create single and bubble flares. If you want to stick with the conventional style, make sure it is capable of producing double flares.

Vise Mounted Flaring Tool: It is the professional and convenient style of the flaring tools.

You can create a large number of flares within a short time by using the vise mounted brake line flaring tool. Also, the quality of the flares produced by these tools is excellent.

You can make all kinds of flares (Single, Bubble, and Double) by these tools. I suggest you to get one of these tools, and you’ll love it.

Hydraulic Flaring Tool: Hydraulic tools are versatile, durable, and efficient. But they are expensive, and the method is slower than a vise mounted flaring tool.

You can use it to create all kinds of standard and metric flares on brake lines, fuel lines, GM-connect lines, cooling lines, etc.

You’ll get a set of die adapters with the hydraulic flaring tool kit for different line sizes. If you prefer hydraulic tools, you can get one of them.

On Car Flaring Tool: This is a handheld tool that can be used to make flares by retaining the brake line on the car.

These are compact tools that can be used under the hood where other styles of flaring tools do not fit. Owning an on car flaring tool is always an advantage for you.

2. Flare Quality

No matter what types of flares you’re creating, the quality of the flares is very crucial. If your brake line flaring tool cannot create high-quality flares, there will be a possibility of a brake fuel leak, which can cause brake failure.

You should not buy a cheap flaring tool. Go for the vise mounted or hydraulic brake flaring tool for excellent flare quality.

3. Adapter Sizes

You may require to create flares on brake lines of distinct sizes. The conventional lines are – 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

So make sure the flaring tool you’re buying; it accepts most of these standard and metric brake lines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a brake flare tool?

A brake line flaring tool is a special tool used for making perfect flares on brake lines. You can make single, double or bubble flares on brake lines with these tools.

What is the most common brake line size?

The most common brake line sizes are 3/16 inch (4.75 mm) and 1/4 inch.

While the 3/16 inch lines are vastly used on the modern vehicles both on disc and drum brakes, you will also find drum brakes with ¼ inch brake lines. In general, 3/16 inch lines are easy to bend and work with.

Do you have to flare brake lines?

Yes, you have to flare the brake lines. Brake line flares make the connection seamless and leak-free. If brake fluid leaks, there will be a lack of brake fluid pressure, and the brake caliper will not work perfectly.

How do you flare a brake line?

To flare brake lines, you’ll need a brake line flaring tool. These tools come in three different styles, and you can use any of them to flare the brake lines.

First, you need to cut the tube in the required length and remove the burrs. Then put the flare fitting on (important), and follow the user’s guide to make double or bubble flares.

Are brake lines single or double flare?

Automotive brake lines are required to be double flared. You can also make bubble flare brake lines. But never do single flared lines – they aren’t reliable and will cause brake fluid leakage, which is dangerous.

Can I use a single flare on brake lines?

Single flares on automotive brake lines are not allowed – they crack and leak very often. Ensure the brake lines are double, or bubble flared because they provide better protection against brake fluid leaks and have better longevity.

What is an inverted flare? 

An inverted flare is another term of SAE double flare. Call it what you want to, SAE/Double/Inverted flares are the same thing.

Is inverted flare the same as double flare?

Yes, inverted flare is the same thing as a double flare. It is also called the SAE flare.

Can you flare stainless steel tubing?

Flaring stainless steel tubings require more strength than flaring nickel-copper tubings. The conventional brake flare tool might not work for stainless steel tubing.

You will need to use a vise-mounted professional flaring tool for that task.

What angle flare is used on brake lines?

In brake lines, you’ll see two different angle flares – 37 and 45 degrees. In most of the automotive brake lines, the 45-degree angle flare is used.

The 37-degree flare is especially used in A.N. (Army/Navy) applications.

Can I replace my own brake lines? 

With the right tool, you can easily replace brake lines yourself. Get a brake flaring tool, and a tubing cutter, then do some practices. 

Can you drive a car with a leaking brake line?

You shouldn’t drive a car with a leaking brake line (brake fluid), because your braking system will not work perfectly. It can cause brake failure, which is dangerous.

Final Words

In my opinion, the TGR Professional kit is the best brake line flaring tool on the market.

If you are leaning more towards the hydraulic brake line flaring tool, then the MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC is your ideal choice. Its improved hydraulics mechanics make it a cinch to work with. All of its additional features, such as the tube and die stabilizer takes it to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for an on-car brake line flaring tool, check out this Titan Tools 51535.

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