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7 Best Chisel Sharpening System for Wood Lathe Tools – [2023]

best chisel sharpening system

You can’t ignore the need for the best chisel sharpening system to flatten your wood chisels effortlessly or restore the misshaped cutter. However, when it comes to finding the best match from hundreds of options, it’s quite a challenge.

Fortunately, I have been digging into this for long and after extensive research finally concluded on the top 7 wood chisel sharpeners.

In addition, I’ve shared a detailed buying guide at the end so that you can sharpen your knowledge on choosing the right chisel sharpening machine.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Best Wood Lathe Tools Sharpening System – [My Top Picks]

Best Woodturning Chisel Sharpening Systems – [Top Picks of 2023]

Here are the top 7 wood chisel sharpening systems you need to know about.

1. Tormek T8 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System – Best Overall

Tormek T8 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System - Best Overal

Key Points:

  • Strong build.
  • Tons of accessories.
  • Micro adjustment option.
  • Multi-language handbook.
  • Relatively heavy.

The most powerful and reliable lathe chisel sharpening system Tormek T8 is from Sweden. Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, this machine will give you the best overall performance from start to finish.

The heart of this Tormek T8 is a 115 volt industrial AC motor capable of a maximum of 100 RPM for continuous and ideal sharpening.

Its dual-purpose SG-250 grindstone can give you 200 and 1000 grit finishes in the same machine. You will also get more sharpening equipment like LA-220 Honing Wheel (Leather), and SP-650 Stone Grader to meet your sharpening needs.

This model has a unique feature that collects metal with the help of a magnetic scraper reducing post-clean-up time. One of the important features of Tormek T8 would be its wet and dry chisel sharpening function that maintains metal’s integrity.

2. Tormek T4 Water Cooled Chisel Sharpening System – Runner Up

Tormek T4 Water Cooled Chisel Sharpening System - Runner Up

Key Points:

  • Durable Zinc cast top.
  • Comes with handle.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Consistent motor output.
  • Plastic leather honing wheel.

Tormek T4 is the little brother of my number one pick – Tormek T8. The core functionality between these two is almost identical.

Except for the size and the price tag I did not see a significant performance cut, hence, it’s on the runner up place.

Like its elder brother, the Tormek T4 has the same water-cooled chisel sharpener. Using the SG-200 original grindstone, this small machine is also capable of 200 and 1000 grit surface operation.

With the help of a universal support bar sleeve, you can easily adjust the tool’s edge either horizontally or vertically. They also offer micro-adjustment to the sleeve.

The 120 watts motor from the machine is steady at delivering consistent speed not to damage your delicate tools. As for the accessories, there are tons of them.

Such as- Storage Tray, Truing Tool, Square Edge Jig, Universal Support, Angle Master, and so on for the highest precision.

3. Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus Chisel Sharpening System – Best Belt System

Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus Chisel Sharpening System - Best Belt System

Key Points:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Custom Angle adjustment.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty sharpening.
  • Rust Proof body.
  • Sometimes belt tracking gets hard.

Well, Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus is a bit different than the last two items on the list. Instead of a grindstone, it features an interchangeable sanding belt making it the best belt system sharpening tool out there.

The most unique feature of the Robert Sorby Belt System is its Aluminum Oxide body. It’s strong and durable for heavy tasks like HSS lathe turning chisels sharpening.

It’s simple to use the popular bevel angle preset on the machine or make your new settings that fit your needs.

Belt sharpening tools highly depend on motor power for a steady result. That’s why the ½ HP motor comes in super handy to deliver exact results every time.

For your convenience, the package includes vital accessories. Such as as- Standard Gouge-Jig, Skew Chisel-Jig, and Fingernail Profiler.

Whether you use it for DIY projects or professional work, this will be your best power sharpening system.

4. Tormek TBU804 Ultimate Chisel Sharpening System – Most Advanced

Tormek TBU804 Ultimate Chisel Sharpening System - Most Advanced

Key Points:

  • Dual grit action.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Massive accessories collection.
  • Perfect for metal and woodworking.
  • High price.

The reason I am coming back to Tormek is nothing but their dedication to breaking the streamline innovation. Behold the Tormek TBU804, the most advanced plane, and chisel sharpening system.

With 14 different selections of jigs and kits, it’s no wonder, the machine holds the crown of the best sharpening system for woodworking.

Apart from that, the best wood chisel sharpening system won’t be complete without TNT-708 woodturner’s kit and turning setter. If you are a professional woodworker, you won’t find any better option than Tormek TBU804.

This carving chisel sharpening system comes with an ABS tray with a magnet. That’s an effective way to collect all those loose particles and hold them in one place for easy cleaning.

While there are similarities between Tormek TBU804 and Tormek T8, the jointer blade and planer tool sets them apart.

As a result, the Tormek TBU804 wins the race regarding versatility.

5. Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener – Best for the Money

Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener - Best for the Money

Key Points:

  • USA Product.
  • Onboard Air cooling system.
  • No need to use jigs.
  • Interchangeable abrasive disk.
  • Makes noise after a few use.

Work Sharp WS3000 has a good reputation for being an affordable woodturning chisel sharpening system for the beginners. It’s a tool that features only the necessary function to provide the best value to your money in sharpening chisel and planes.

This tool lets you set on a sharpening journey without having to worry about numerous jigs settings. Just adjust the Bevel to the appropriate angle according to your need.

Besides, its 580 RPM motor is perfectly capable of lowering to a constant speed for more precise and repeatable operation.

The Work Sharp WS3000 is not a wet sharpening system rather it depends on the air cooling method making it perfect for carving tools, lathes, and spokeshaves.

Without special tools you can change the abrasive disk in a matter of minutes. That kind of flexibility encourages the user to get creative and squeeze out more value.

6. Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle Tbh801 T-8 – Best Under $1000

Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle Tbh801 T-8 - Best Under $1000

Key Points:

  • Product of Sweden.
  • Ideal for hand tool sharpening.
  • Additional sharpening kits.
  • Relatively small in size.
  • Too many accouterments to keep track.

The Tormek TBH801 features the hand tool bundle for a complete turning chisel sharpening system experience. If you have the money to spend, this could be the Best Under $1000.

Like other Tormek wet stone chisel sharpeners, this machine also gets the full benefit of the original SG250 grindstone. Moreover, the two different grit surfaces provide a smoother finish.

The main charm of this lathe turning tools sharpening system is that it has six separate jigs for hand tools. Such as- axes, scissors, knives, curving pens, and so on.

During the sharpening process, it’s very important to keep the metal under acceptable temperature. The water drip system of Tormek TBH801 does that effectively without harming the tools

Lastly, with easy to follow instructions in the handbook it eases your honing and grinding work on a single machine.

7. WEN BG4270 Water Cooled Wet/Dry Sharpening System – Best Budget

WEN BG4270 Water Cooled Wet/Dry Sharpening System - Best Budget

Key Points:

  • Extremely Affordable.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Forward and reverse motion.
  • Wet and Dry operation.
  • Plastic gears.

Our final product on the list is the WEN BG4270. If you want to buy a great sharpening system on a tight budget, this will be your best option to try.

WEN BG4270 comes with a 10 inch wide 220 grit grindstone. It’s a great combination for knife sharpening along with chisel and other carving tools.

Not every sharpening system has a reverse system like WEN BG4270, which effectively reduces turning time.

Despite being a budget option, it still manages to provide universal jigs support. That’s an important feature if you want to use different jigs in the future.

The tool has an adjustable water reservoir to drip water on the tool. Apart from that, it also performs under a dry condition with the help of air cooling.

Best Chisel Sharpening System – [Updated Buying Guide]

No one wants to buy a cheap tool that breaks after little use. Similarly, you can’t get a good value out of an expensive tool that has few uses for you.

So to get the best chisel sharpening system you need to understand what’s more important to you.

Here are some quick pointers on the sharpening system so you can follow on your next buy.

1. Durability

Honestly, sharpening tools are not that cheap. If you are spending money, think of it as an investment. So, invest in a durable product that will last longer and you will get more value overall.

In this case, avoid plastic and go for the metal build tools.

2. Efficiency

Tool efficiency solely depends on the solid technology it has built on. It is not that buying the latest tool gets you efficient results instantly.

Instead of getting a cheap Chinese product, look for a reliable brand that offers the same technology.

3. Versatility

Some tools can do only hand tools sharpening. Some can do only edge sharpening, and some can do both. Prioritize your working scope and go from there.

Choose the best sharpening tool according to your need.

4. Accessories

Various jigs, kits, and grader tools, all these are important for specific sharpening. Make sure your selected sharpening system has the necessary accessories you want.

5. Ease of Use

Choose the toolset that you will feel comfortable working on. It doesn’t need to be a fancy piece of machine. Simplicity often brings joyful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a chisel sharpening system?

It’s a powerful tool that uses a rotating grindstone, sand belt, or abrasive disk to sharpen various tools’ edges like a knife, chisels, scissors, etc.

What is a wood chisel sharpening system used for?

The wood chisel is a tool to make precise cuts and curves on the woods. After some use the chisel sharpness degrades over time. The sharpening tool helps the chisel to reacquire through the grindstone or sand grit paper.

What are the advantages of a chisel sharpening system?

The modern sharpening system has various accessories. The sharpening kit aids in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the sharpening task.

Are woodworking chisel sharpening systems any good?

Woodworking chisel sharpening requires a special honing wheel and flat grit surface combination. Most power sharpening tools have these functions to sharp a woodworking chisel properly.

What is a water-cooled chisel sharpener?

During the sharpening process, metal tools generate heat due to friction with a grindstone. This heat can hurt the integrity of the tool. So, the water cooling procedure maintains the optimum temperature for the tool.

Final Words

So far, finding your best chisel sharpening system entirely depends on your work profile. I hope my guide has shed some light on this topic for your convenience.

Before I finish, let me remind you again of some of my top picks. The Tormek T8 provides exceptional performance. Following that the Robert Sorby ProEdge is for extreme belt sharpening operation.

Finally, the Tormek TBU804   is the most cutting-edge chisel sharpening system.

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