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10 Best Pass Through Socket Set (Reviews 2022) – [Top Picks]

Finding the best pass through socket set could be quite a task, especially if you have never used this tool before. The numerous size differences and attachment properties will surely make your decision more challenging.

But lucky for you, we have already researched and found 10 best candidates you can choose from this pass through socket set reviews. We also have included buyer’s guide and FAQs at the end.

So, without further delay, let’s jump right in.

Top 10 Pass Through Socket Sets – Picked by Experts

Best Pass Through Socket Set – Reviews (2022)

Best Pass Through Socket Set Reviews

1. GearWrench 8946 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Pass Through Socket Set – Best Overall

GearWrench 8946 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Pass Through Socket Set - Best Overall

GearWrench 8946 is one of the top-rated pass through socket sets on the market right now. Since 1960 they have been working on a great quality product to meet every need of a passionate technician.

This unique socket set comes with a total of 46-piece vortex socket along with an extension bar and flex head pass through the ratchet. All the components have a proportionate hole in the middle to fit standard threads.

The package also includes two gear ratchets 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch drive respectively, which allow a wide range of sockets.

The sockets and ratchets of this set are 50 percent thinner than conventional models, yet it’s a more durable pass-thru socket set.

  • The set comes with a hard case.
  • The whole set is fairly lightweight.
  • It comes with two standard ratchets and an extension bar.
  • Sometimes socket does not fit tightly in the ratchet.

2. Craftsman 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set – Best for the Money

Craftsman 1/4

Craftsman is a well-known manufacturer among professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you are making furniture or tuning your favorite car, this Craftsman set is easy to adapt and overcome any challenges.

First of all, this small package comes with a total 30-piece socket. Among them 7 are ¼ inches drive-socket, 17 3/8-inch drive-socket, pass through ratchet, 3/8” to ¼” adapters, and so on.

This kit contains two 3-inch pass through socket extension bar supporting both ¼ and 3/8 drive sockets, so you can reach down a long thread without a deep socket.

All these high tensile steel components come in a beautiful case. That gives you a neat place to safely store the sockets.

  • Moisture protective beautiful red case.
  • Comes with two different extension bars.
  • Strong build-quality with high tensile steel.
  • Ratchet wrench sometimes skips.

3. Tacklife SWS1A 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Tacklife SWS1A 1/4

Tacklife SWS1A is another great 40-piece socket option in our pass through socket set review. The company’s main goal is to manufacture a more convenient and well-detailed product to inspire their customer.

The whole set is made from Chrome vanadium steel alloy or CR-V steel. That makes the set more resistant to wear and stronger altogether.

With its 40-piece 1/4” and 3/8” socket set, now you can face more scenarios easily. On top of that, all the sockets are laid out in inches and metrics for your convenience.

This kit also features two universal adapters, two extension bars, and two pass through ratchets. Use these to auto repair, a wide range of constriction, and in any home improvement task effortlessly.

  • Easy 3 in 1 operation.
  • Highly visible laser size markings.
  • Wear-proof steel alloy construction.
  • There are complain of Socket not fitting bolts.

4. Crescent CX6PT20 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Crescent CX6PT20 3/8

This multi-function low profile pass through socket set is from Crescent. Though this is only a 20-piece set, the socket set can take six different fasteners including 6pt, 12 pt. square, rounded hex, E-Trox, and spline.

The set is designed for small DIY projects and basic repair work. That’s why both 9-piece SAE and 9 matrics go-thru socket set will surely come in handy.

Included 6 points pass through socket set ratchet is made of steel alloy. Also, provide a restricted turn feature for precise swing while working.

For user convenience, all the sizes of the socket are clearly marked with a laser on each respective socket. This eliminates the chances of picking the wrong socket and saves time.

  • Easy to clean oil and dirt.
  • 40 percent stronger steel alloy.
  • Socket fits traditional square wrench.
  • Does not come with a case.

5. Bostitch BTMT72286 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Bostitch BTMT72286 3/8

Although long threads are not that common in every repair work, it would certainly do you good if you have a mini pass through socket set in your hand. That way if you ever need one, you can get away with an inexpensive set like Bostitch’s.

Speaking of inexpensive, they still managed to cram 17 pieces of the socket. Besides 2 square wrench adapters, and one 3/8 extension bar, a 3/8 drive pass through socket set ratchet is also included in this set.

All the components of this set are constructed with CR-V materials also known as chrome vanadium steel. That ensures the reliability and durability of the set.

The included single ratchet wrench is fairly thick and wrapped with rubber grip for controlled maneuver. Also, the 72 teeth gear system delivers precise turning action.      

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to handle with rubber grip.
  • Precise turning due to gear ratchet.
  • One user criticized the torque switch does not stay on point.

6. GearWrench 8921 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

GearWrench 8921 3/8

This is a bit smaller than the previous GearWrench. The kit comes with 21 pieces in total. Although all features and build-quality are almost the same as the previous one. But it costs much less. If you need an affordable mini pass through socket set, this is a good option.

Apart from the thinner head profile, the pass through ratchet has the 5-degree arc for easy turning action.

As this is a mini socket kit, it does have all the necessary socket size starting from 10-19mm and 3/8” to ¾”. All these sockets will cover most repair work easily.

The ratchet comes with the kit is not a flex head ratchet, but it does have rubber grip around the handle. The six-point drive and 3/8” extension bar also benefits a lot.

  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with a compact box.
  • 40% stronger than a traditional set.
  • Does not come with flex head ratchet.

7. Channellock 39100 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Channellock 39100 3/8

Channellock is another top-rated pass through socket set designed to handle the daily needs of a professional. The main feature of this set is the ultra-access ratchet fastener and 13 versatile socket combinations.

The socket set is ideal for five different bolt types, such as Trox, hex, spline, 12-point, and square. That is what most mechanics want in their tool inventory.

The kit is specially designed for narrow places. In addition, socket extension also makes deep access much easier. The quick-release pass-through ratchet bar is stress-free to use even by the least experienced individual.

  • Comes with a secure case.
  • 47 different fastener sizes in total.
  • It accepts 26 types of SAE and Metric socket.
  • Socket might fall from the ratchet for heavyweight.

8. Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Craftsman 3/8

Craftsman really does make some great tools for a wide range of consumers. Their 19-piece pass through socket set can be an ideal tool for your next project. The bundle features a widely used 3/8” drive ratchet.

All the sockets in the kit along with other components are painted with black oxide finish to avert rusting. On top of that polished surface also helps in reducing friction.

The socket set is built with spline geometry, which relatively works well with 6-point, 12-point, rounded, square, and Torx fasteners.

You can find all the usual sockets starting from 10-19mm and in SAE size 3/8” – 7/8”. Also, the quick-release option with the 1/8” ratchet driver increases work efficiency.

  • Very compact set.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Comes with a storage rack.
  • Does not have a pass through socket adapter or extension socket.

9. GearWrench 891427 1/4″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

GearWrench 891427 1/4

This is the 1/4” drive pass through socket set from the GearWrench. As you can see, we have already reviewed the other two sets in our review. It’s that good we are going for the third one. Frankly, GearWrench has good products covering every aspect and range of customers.

The unique attribute of this set is it features a ¼ inch drive socket. Not only that a versatile ratchet size for most common socket size but also a flex head wrench for reaching the trickiest place in any task.

Thanks to the easy to use quick release adapter that can be used in a wide range of other sockets. That is if your work requires such a socket in the future.

You won’t believe the extension socket they provide with this kit. Along with the standard extension bar, it also comes with a 6-inch long pass through extension socket.

  • Flex head ratchet.
  • Longer extension socket.
  • Beautiful protective case.
  • Ratchet mode switched in mid-drive.

10. FirstInfo 3/8″ Drive Pass Through Socket Set

FirstInfo 3/8 Drive Pass Through Socket Set

Our final product on the list is the socket set from FirstInfo. It’s a traditional 3/8-inch Drive pass-through socket set. Pretty versatile in most repair and construction work.

The manufacturer classified the set as a low profile because of the super short pass through socket set design that can fit in some narrow places.

The most unique feature of this socket set is, instead of a hollow extension bar it comes with a solid bar in four different sizes.

To work more efficiently the set has a flex drive ratchet with a big rubber grip. Besides the standard 3/8” ratchet keeps you prepared for quick action.

  • 4 different size solid extension bars.
  • 2 different ratchets for efficient work.
  • Comes with an attractive black case.
  • A bit heavy set.

Best Pass Through Socket Set Buying Guide

A pass-through socket is the most important tool for an auto mechanic or a DIY enthusiast. Unlike a traditional wrench, it possesses far more superior advantages and working scope. That’s why it is also a good practice to get the best set possible for better overall results.

Make sure to consider these facts before buying a pass-through socket.


Better build quality always serves in the long run. In this case, Alloy Steel can be the best choice for you.


Make sure your go through socket set has all the necessary attachments like proper bits size, extension bars, angle ratchet, wrench adapters, swivel option, etc. that fit your needs.

Socket Size

Although there are tons of socket sizes available, choose the set that has wide options. So, you don’t get interrupted in the middle of a repair job.

Drive Size

The ¼ and 3/8-inch Drive Size is the most common size. So, make certain that your set has the required drive.

Pass Through Socket Set Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pass Through Socket?

In short, pass through socket is a combination of several components. Such as a socket, an extension bar, and a ratchet handlebar. All the components have a hole in the middle so that it can pass through a long thread nearly reducing the necessity of a deep socket.   

How to Use Pass-Through Socket?

Using a pass-through socket is easy. First, take the right size socket from the set that fits onto the thread and the bolt. Then check if you need an extension bar to reach the bolt through the thread. Finally, attach the extension bar with the ratchet wrench then you are good to go.   

Are Pass-Through Sockets Interchangeable?

Yes, pass-through sockets are interchangeable as long as the socket head is in line with the driver hole.  Even if the sockets are in a different size, there are adapters to close the gap between the driver and the socket.  

What is the Most Common Pass-Through Socket Drive Size?

Depending on the set you have or the work that you are doing, the socket drive size can be different. But 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/8-inch drive size are the most common of the bunch. Mainly because all these sizes are generally used on small nuts and bolts or any repair work.       

Final Words

If you have read the full article, we highly appreciate your effort and hope that the information is of use to you in understanding the facts about pass through socket set.

As a reminder GearWrench 8946  is the set that you want in terms of overall performance.  But if you’ve got a tight budget Craftsman 1/4″ & 3/8″ will be the right value for the money product for you.

With that said, now it’s your turn to select the best pass through socket set for yourself and make the difference in your project.

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