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11 Best Router Circle Jigs for Speakers, Tabletops: 2023’s Picks!

best router circle jig

Due to outstanding build and precise scale, the best router circle jig will allow you to design artistic panels minimizing imperfections on small holes, circles or speaker cutouts.

This makes woodworking fun since you will enjoy your router’s versatility to the fullest.

That being said, finding the perfect jig from tons of options can be tricky sometimes. To help you out, I am happy to share my router circle cutting jig guide.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Router Circle Cutting Jigs for Small Holes, Speaker Cutouts, Tabletops & more!

Best Router Circle Jig for Speaker Holes – (Top Picks of 2023)

Here are the best circle jigs for wood router you need to know.

1. Milescraft 1219 Router Circle Guide Kit – Best Overall

Milescraft 1219 Router Circle Guide Kit - Best Overall

Key Points:

  • Easy to setup.
  • Wide cutting range.
  • Fast attachment change.
  • Strong grip handle.
  • The scale is a bit off.

When it comes to quality Router circle jigs, Milescaraft 1219 gets the best overall place on my list; primarily for its unbeatable price tag and working scope. 

In the package, you will get one small and one large circle cutting jig. Both jigs can cut 1.5”-12” and 10”-52” in diameter respectively.

It has a Built-in metric scale system for easy readout and precise measuring. The system also includes an imperial scale if you are more comfortable with that.

The Milescaraft 1219 features an offset base that is around 13 inches. This is very helpful to get an outstanding finish on the edge of your wood piece.

Setting this jig on a router is fast and tool-free. The patented Turn-n-Lock technology ensures you don’t waste too much of your time.

2. Jasper 240 Router Circle Cutting Jig – Best for Small Circles

Jasper Model 240 Router Circle Cutting Jig - Best for Small Circles

Key Points:

  • Designed in the USA.
  • Ulta-portable.
  • Standalone tool.
  • Convenient measuring holes.
  • No see-through option.

If your routing work comprises only making narrow holes, the Jasper 240 is a very popular jig for the job. It’s also best for small circles because of its compact design.

This small circle jig for router is capable of making holes from 1” – 18 3/16” in diameter – pretty handy for designing artistic panels.

Jasper 240 fits most plunge style routers with the help of pre-drilled holes in the jig. Besides, you won’t need any additional tool to install it on your router.

Thanks to the clever design, this plunge router circle jig is easy to place on any workpiece. You will only need a ¼” router bit to cut through.

Carefully calibrated scale readout on the jig makes it easy to pin down your exact cutting diameter.

3. Big Horn 26100 Lewin Router Compass – Best Adjustable Router Circle Jig

Big Horn 26100 Lewin Router Compass - Best Adjustable Router Circle Jig

Key Points:

  • See-through jig.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Large circle cutting.
  • Compatible with most router.
  • No scale markings.

Being able to fine-tune your jigs grant you the freedom of making custom holes in your workpiece. If that’s the target you are aiming for, Big Horn 26100 could be your best adjustable router circle jig.

Unlike other polycarbonate materials, it is built with strong Lexan material to increase its service time and resistance to impact.

Big Horn 26100 has an 8”-48” diameter range to cut circles with no fixed increments. That’s the true power of an adjustable router circle jig.

The body of this jig is transparent. It will make your wood routing work more convenient and easy to keep track of where you are going.

The jig pin in this tool is easy to put on, with no need for extra securing clamps. On top of that, it fits on almost every router you see on the market.

4. Rockler Trim Router Circle Cutter Jig – Best for Trim Routers

Rockler Trim Router Circle Cutter Jig - Best for Trim Routers

Key Points:

  • Stable operation.
  • Made from durable material.
  • Comes with an extra center pin.
  • Easy to understand user manual.
  • Compatible with only Bosch and Dewalt routers.

Rockler Trim Jig is another minimalistic circle cutter tool that highly relies on impeccable results. All the good things aside, it’s one of the best circle cutter jigs for trim routers out there.

Router is made of thick Bakelite materials aiming to survive a heavy impact work environment. It’s got pre-drilled holes to fit with the router base effortlessly. Just lineup with screw holes at the base and secure it.

Despite the Rockler Trim Jig is a pretty compact router circle guide tool, it can still make a 36” in diameter cut. In most cases, that’s all you need to continue your project.

This trim router circle jig also comes with two identical threaded center pins. Even if you lose one, you still have another center pin to carry on.

5. ArtisanShow Circle Cutting Trim Router Jig – Also Great for Trim Routers

ArtisanShow Circle Cutting Trim Router Jig - Also Great for Trim Routers

Key Points:

  • Lightweight.
  • Quick setup.
  • Many accouterments.
  • Long-lasting build.
  • No detailed user guide.

Whether you are a carpenter or DIY woodworker, a router circle cutting guide is all you need to cut a perfect circle. Which brings me to ArtisanShow Circle Jig, also great for trim routers.

Right off the bat, this small circle cutter jig is versatile to almost any kind of router out there. The three long cutouts and many screw holes make every router snug fit to the base.

The ArtisanShow Circle Jig has a cutting range of 7” to 26” in diameter – enough for cutting speaker holes, making small tabletops and so on.

Talking about accessories, it got tons of them such as router base screws, Allen wrench to tighten and loosen the center pin.

6. Jasper 200J Medium Circle Guide – Best Speaker Circle Jig

Jasper 200J Medium Circle Guide - Best Speaker Circle Jig

Key Points:

  • Ideal for cutting speaker holes.
  • Precise pivot holes.
  • Maximum Compatibility.
  • Proper thickness.
  • Wobble issue at the finishing.

Jasper 200J is pretty popular and the best speaker circle jig on the market due to its accurate measurement and cutting capacity. In most instances, that’s all you want from your circle jig.

Can you believe this small piece of Jig can cut a circle in 256 different sizes? The 2 ¼” is for minimum and 18 3/16” at maximum and all other sizes in between.

The cutting hole in the Jasper 200J accepts ¼” Router bit, which is widely used. Besides, the pivot holes have been carefully calibrated to this particular router bit.

The problem with most router circle cutting jig is they don’t fit well into all the router brands. But Jasper claims their jig can fit directly to over 19 different plunge router bases.

To ensure longevity and sturdiness, they use plexiglass in the Jig which is stronger and lighter.

7. Jasper 400J Router Circle Cutting Jig – Also Great for Small Speaker Cutouts

Jasper 400J Router Circle Cutting Jig - Also Great for Small Speaker Cutouts

Key Points:

  • Ultraportable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cuts precise speaker holes.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • The fitting can be challenging.

Jasper 400J is a circular cutting jig for a wood router aiming for simple tasks. As good as it gets at making smaller holes, it’s also great for small speaker cutouts.

This particular Jig comes in very handy when cropping speaker cutout. You can also cut tweeter and midrange holes as well with this.

Another great feature of Jasper 400J is its cutting range starts from a 1-inch diameter hole. You can go up to 7½”diameter with a 1/16” increase in each step.

Due to Cast Acrylic materials with 3/8” thickness, it’s a relatively sturdy circle jig for router table. It also comes with a convenient carrying tube to store all your pins and screws so that you don’t lose those accidentally.

8. Jasper Circle Pro 280 Router Circle Jig – Best for Palm Router

Jasper Circle Pro 280 Router Circle Jig - Best for Palm Router

Key Points:

  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Wider curing range.
  • Maximum router compatibility.
  • Ideal for Compact and Palm routers.
  • Hard to see scale marking from bottom.

As I am entering into a more professional territory, Jasper Pro 280 is a good place to start. It’s a great addition to their cutting jig lineup and also best for palm routers.

It has 268 different sizes to choose from. Therefore it’s fair to say, whether you work on speaker holes or exhaust fan opening, this palm router circle jig won’t disappoint you.

The cutting lengths of Jasper Pro 280 are between 1 ½” to 18 3/16” in diameter. Each scale point is precise and helps you make a perfect circle every time.

Moreover, it effortlessly fits on most plunge base routers brands such as Makita, Bosch, Ridgid, Dewalt, and Porter Cable.

Apart from the usual accessories, you will also get a calibration disk, mounting screws, and pins in the package.

Easy to calibrate.
Wider curing range.
Maximum router compatibility.
Ideal for Compact and Palm routers.
Hard to see scale marking from bottom.

9. Jasper M300 Pro Router Large Circle Jig – Best for Large Tabletop

Jasper M300 Pro Router Large Circle Jig - Best for Large Tabletop

Key Points:

  • Highly portable.
  • Wide range selection.
  • Great for cropping large tabletop.
  • Comes with necessary pins and screws.
  • Not suitable for trim router.

The Jasper M300 Pro is the biggest Circle Jig they have and usually best for a large tabletop.

This large circle jig for routers has a tremendous cutting range of over 52” in diameter.

Jasper M300 Pro has a widely available ½” router bit support for all the cutting work.

Despite being a big router circle cutter jig, it only weighs around 1.6 pounds, making it easy to move around in your workshop. You can also make use of a total 186 of pivot points for accurate layout.

10. Powertec 71212 Router Circle Cutting Jig

POWERTEC 71212 Router Circle Cutting Jig - Also Great for Large Circle

Key Points:

  • Broad working scope.
  • High-quality build material.
  • Included hardware pack.
  • Pre-drilled compass.
  • Excessive force may tear the body.

PowerTec 71212 is another highly adjustable cutting jig. As adjustable jigs are more versatile, it is great for large circle cutting.

Made of 7 layers of plywood and melamine coating on the top it offers added strength and superior stability. It also supports a broad range of router brand and base types to give you a high compatibility.

The intuitive design and numerous accessories make the jig easy to use. Lastly, PowerTec 71212 features a 10” to 53” scale range to make clock faces, tabletops, or wooden signs easier.

11. Rockler Router Circle Cutter Jig

Rockler Router Circle Cutter Jig - Also Great Large Circle Cutting Jig

Key Points:

  • Quick mount system.
  • Advanced build material.
  • Ideal for clock face making.
  • Additional center pins.
  • A bit expensive.

Yet another great large circle cutting jig, Rockler Cutter Jig shines on the custom work.

It’s got a phenolic core inside the compass that tends to reinforce durability. Like many large diameter circular cutting jig out there, it supports most of the popular router base.

All the vital pins and screws are in the Rockler Cutter Jig package for easy access. Additionally, it supports up to 52 inches in length from edge to edge. 

Best Wood Router Circle Making Jig – [Updated Buying Guide]

Router jig is an integral part of woodworking. Whether you are an avid carpenter or like making DIY stuff with wood panels, it’s hard to overlook the need for a perfect circle jig for router. After all, the jig quality will decide how accurate your cutting is.

To save you from a potential buying disaster, I have carefully devoted this section to give you helpful insights.

Once you understand the following factors, you will be able to choose the best router circle jig for yourself.

1. Quality 

The best circle jig for routers always excels in overall quality. To ensure you have a quality jig, give attention to facts like construction material, sturdiness, and quality of scale markings. Acrylic is the most common material for the jig.

2. Ease of Use

Find out what are the procedures to use that particular jig. Your goal here is to compare it with other similar jigs. Select the best one you think will be effective and efficient for your work needs.

3. Capacity

Jigs have a wide range of length selection in diameters. Getting a big jig is a bad idea if you don’t have real use to it. So it’s best to go for the range that is practical to you and in line with your cutting task.

4. Compatibility

A common problem of not fitting on the router happens due to the unsupported router base.

The jig fittings often depend on various router bases like Fixed base, plunge base, trim base, etc. contact jig manufacturer to have accurate information on compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a router circle cutting jig?

Router jig is a guiding tool to crop or cut a certain diameter of the circle on wood panels. Some models of the jig have scale marks and pre-drilled holes to map out your precise circle. 

What does a router circle making jig do? 

It usually creates a perfect circle with the help of scale but you can always get creative and do your own style of cutting.

What size router circle jig for speaker makers?

Depending on the speaker’s outside diameter, a jig with an 18”-50” cutting range will be enough for the task. If your speaker size is larger than 50” in diameter you may need to use an extension or longer jig.

What size router circle jig for table makers?

Using a jig for cutting the tabletop is a very common and precise way to make a beautiful round table. Subject to the size of your table, your jig range should be around 2 to 4 feet in diameter.

Besides, there are larger jig on the market if your work requires it.

Final Words

Router jigs are undoubtedly the only guiding tool to cut a perfect circle on wood panels. In the same sense, your finest work is equally dependent on the best router circle jig you have. Hope my article has what you are looking for.

Before I sign off for today, let’s remind you of my top picks from the article. The Milescaraft 1219 have all-rounder features when it comes to carpenter work. The Jasper 240 is best for designing purposes.

The Big Horn 26100 goes well with the custom cutting job. The Rockler Trim Jig works great on the trim router. The Jasper 200J is the best in speaker making business.

Finally, if you are getting into large tabletop manufacturing, the Jasper M300 Pro will serve you well.

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