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7 Best Tool Box Drawer Liners (2023) – [The Ultimate Guide]

best tool box drawer liner

Once we’re done with a hard day at the garage, we often dump all our tools back into the drawer. Without proper liners, that’s going to either damage your tools, your drawer, or both. However, picking one out isn’t that easy.

It needs to be durable, protective, and adequately sized. Or else, you won’t really be giving your equipment the protection they deserve. That’s why I am introducing you to the best tool box drawer liners you can find today.

So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

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7 Best Tool Box Drawer Liners (2023) – [High Quality]

Here are the top 7 tool box drawer liners you should know.

1. B&C Professional Non Slip Tool Box Drawer Liner – Best Overall

B&C 18 Inch x 24 Feet Professional Non Slip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • Uses high-quality Toolbox foam.
  • Durable with multiple resistances.
  • Non-slip design.
  • The durability makes it hard to cut.

People often underestimate just how vital grip is to a proper drawer liner for the toolboxes. It’s especially critical if you’re planning on stuffing in a bunch of tools together. That’s where B&C got your back with a stellar drawer that guarantees satisfaction.

First off, I need to talk about its outstanding non-slip features. With this on, no matter how roughly you open or close your drawers, your tools will stay completely still.

They won’t crash into each other and cause a mess. As a result, your gear will enjoy a longer lifespan.

Size is one of the most significant issues when it comes to these liners. If they aren’t compatible, what’s the point? That’s why B&C offers impressive versatility.

You can use it on pretty much anything within its range. It’s also easy to adjust for added convenience.

2. Resilia Premium Anti Slip Tool Chest / Box Drawer Liner – Premium Choice

Resilia Premium Anti Slip Tool Chest/Box Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • Unaffected by oil and grease.
  • Cuts easily.
  • Uses eco-friendly PVC.
  • Anti-slip material.
  • Quite heavy.

Let’s say you have a lot of heavy equipment in your toolbox. The thing about heavy gear is that it damages easily. So, right there, you’re stuck in a dilemma.

For these cases, you’ll have to invest in a heavy-duty tool drawer liner. It needs to be both durable and anti-slip.

That’s precisely what Resilia offers and more. It uses nothing short of the most premium materials to give you a surface that doesn’t just provide a firm grip.

The liner provides much more. You’ll continuously have tools dripping with oil and grease in one way or another. These are very quick liner killers.

Resilia understood this and crafted something that can protect its surface for any such substances. It’s easy to set up, cut, and even clean.

Although it doesn’t use the traditional Toolbox foam sheets, it uses state of the art PVC to do a fantastic job.

It more than earns a spot in your drawer. If you want to spice things up with more color options, then Resilia has got you covered. You can even change up the size you get depending on what you want.

3. EPPCO Enterprises Tool Box Drawer Liner – Runner Up

EPPCO Enterprises 1864 24 Inch x 30 Feet Tool Box Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • Easy to clean as dust does not stick.
  • Tools do not slide.
  • Extremely high-quality materials.
  • May experience wrinkling.

Cleaning liners can be a chore. It’s hard to get all the dirt out of it. This is especially important because they get dirty very often. Keeping all the dirt off is a challenge unless you get something like the third entry on our list.

This guy does an excellent job of repelling dirt. It simply doesn’t stick. With a single wipe, it’ll all be off, making it extremely easy and convenient to clean. You might think that this means tools can slip.

However, the unit manages to maintain its non-slip characteristics. It’s hard not to appreciate the expert craftsmanship that went into making this a reality.

The quality is also astounding. It uses top-tier materials in the industry to ensure longevity, reliability, and flexibility all at the same time. No wonder why it has found a home in our toolboxes and our list.

4. Reizen Tech Heavy Duty Tool Box Rubber Drawer Liner

Reizen Tech Heavy Duty Tool Box Rubber Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • Easy to measure and cut.
  • Multiple color and size options.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Not completely slip-proof.

When you’re trying to cut a liner down, it’s really easy to end up with uneven edges and inaccurate sizes. You could use a scale, but that’s not really dependable when trying to cut it down properly. Is there any tool chest drawer liner that solves this issue?

Reizen says, yes! They had the brilliant idea to add obvious grids to the tool liner’s surface to make it easy for you to measure it.

You can use this to make precise cuts and get the exact portions you need to make the best fit possible. A good fit isn’t all it offers, though.

They offer impeccable durability due to just how adequately thick the material is. However, the thickness doesn’t mean it’s hard to wash. The surface fabric has properties that prevent the inside of your toolbox from becoming a slip and slide.

If you’re aching for different styles and shapes, Reizen offers three colors and four sizes for you to choose from.

5. B&C Professional Tool Box Drawer Liner Foam – Best for Budget

B&C 16 Inch x 16 Feet Professional Tool Box Drawer Liner Foam

Key Points:

  • Highly adjustable and easy to cut.
  • Durable material.
  • Anti-slip to keep your tools steady.
  • Great after-sales services.
  • The grids aren’t reliable.

After the first fantastic liner I reviewed, I’ve returned to B&C for another excellent entry. However, it’s no time to get nostalgic, so let’s take a quick look at the long list of features that make this liner so outstanding. Starting off with its pristine foam.

This guy offers Toolbox drawer liner foam, unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before. It provides immense protection, keeping all your tools nice and still no matter how crazy you get with the box.

Your tools will be nice, fresh, and still every time you take them out.

All in all, it’s a fantastic model that deserves the praise it gets. It uses more material to give you the assurance that your tools are in safe hands. What else can we expect from B&C?

6. Mod-Box Professional Grade High Grip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Mod-Box Professional Grade High Grip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • A variety of sizing options.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Thick and durable.
  • Hard to cut out a complete square.

There’s something inherently exciting about having multiple size options. It feels like you’re in control and that you get to choose the exact characteristics you want for your liner.

When it comes to the size option, Mod-Box has you way more than covered. They have a slew of choices available to you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Do you want your liner long, deep, or extra thick? You choose! With the options available, you can pick out what suits you best. Who cares about the options if the overall quality isn’t good? Mod-Box has got you covered there too.

The liner uses high-quality materials that really drive home just how great it is. Your tools can barely slip due to the liner’s superb slip resistance. It’s also easy to clean too.

7. Olsa Tools Non Slip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Olsa Tools 16 Inch x 16 Feet Non Slip Tool Box Drawer Liner

Key Points:

  • Thick material for added protection.
  • Versatile and adjustable.
  • Ultra-Strong grip.
  • Lacks more size options.

We’re at the end now with our final entry. Don’t worry, I am not ending with a fizzle, but a huge bang. That’s what Olsa offers. Incredible quality at a more than magnificent price. Further inspection of each feature reveals how fantastic the liner is.

This Olsa unit takes protections very seriously. It offers a 3mm of thickness to make sure it stays strong and capable no matter what kind of tools you throw at it.

Although this is a heavy-duty Toolbox liner, it’s suitable for pretty much any use — kitchen drawers, wire shelves, and pretty much anything else.

So now you know what you can do with all the spare bits that remain. The easy adjustability only adds to its versatility.

Best Tool Box Drawer Liner Buying Guide

Now that we know our top 7 picks, I’ll give you some quick tips to help you choose.

There’s a lot of different features and complications you need to consider first – these range from the size, the durability to other vital features.

Going in blindly can leave you with an uneven tool box liner with disproportionate cuts and unsatisfactory utility.

So, read the following section attentively so that you can get the best one out of the bunch.

1. Anti-Slip Surface

Tool drawer liners are made of rubber, foam sheet, etc. No matter which material is you’re selecting, make sure it has anti-slip features.

If your tools keep sliding around the drawer after using drawer liners, there’s no point in using them!

Generally, drawer liners that have grids and other anti-slip patterns work better than the liners with a flat surface. 

2. Thickness & Size

Do not purchase drawer liners of high thickness, as they will cover up your storage space. Besides, thicker liners are hard to cut according to the sizes of the tool box drawers.

On the other hand, thinner drawer liners wear out quickly. So make sure your tool box drawer liners have an optimum thickness.

The size of the drawer liner you’re choosing is another vital thing you need to consider. Check whether the liner will cover all of your drawers or not.

Make sure the liner has an exact width or larger width than your tool box, tool chest, or tool cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why do you need tool box drawer liners?

Tool box drawer liners help your tools to stay organized so that you can easily find out the tools you need. Besides, they prevent the tools from getting damaged and settling grease and grime on the drawer.

How to cut tool box drawer liner?

Tool box drawer liners are simple to cut into specific dimensions. For clean cuts, you should use a cutting board, a ruler scale, and a cutter (ex: NT cutter, Rotary Cutter).

How to keep tool box drawer liner from sliding?

First of all, you shouldn’t purchase any drawer liner that doesn’t have anti-slip patterns on the surfaces. But if you already have one, you can use double-sided tape to prevent your drawer liners from sliding.

Final Words

From the liners I reviewed, I have to recommend the B&C 18 Inch x 24 Feet professional liner the most. The quality is pristine, and the sizing is just right for whatever you may need.

I hope you’re now prepared to find the best tool box drawer liners. Now go out there and give your tools the home it deserves!

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  1. I had been looking for EPPCO Tool Box Drawer Liner for a long time. The size was perfect for my snap on box, but this product is a bit spongey and stickey. If you don’t mind that your tools will leave an imprint in the liner it is perfect. This makes the tools stay in place as a by product.

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