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10 Best Wood Shaper Reviews (2022) – [The Ultimate Guide]

Finding the best wood shaper or in other words, spindle shaper is tricky given the costs and number of brands available at your disposal.

But if you are into making raised panel cabinet doors, an example of serious woodwork you are left with no better options.

With that being said, let us set your mind at peace today with our comprehensive wood shaper reviews. You can also scroll down to our buyer’s guide and make the best use of it.

So let’s cut the chase and give it a go!

Top 10 Wood Spindle Shaper Machine – Picked by Experts

Best Wood Shaper – Reviews (2022)

1. Powermatic PM2700 5 HP Wood Shaper Machine – Best Overall

Powermatic PM2700 5 HP Wood Shaper Machine – Best Overall

Powermatic is an industry-leading tool manufacturing company focused on duality and precision of their machine. The PM2700 wood shaper delivers just that with the best overall price to performance ratio.

This 5 HP shaper delivers unparalleled performance with just only single phase 230 volt power requirement. You can also adjust between 7500 to 10,000 RPM using dedicated buttons and find your convenience.

With sophisticated multiple Fence T-slots, micro-adjustments, and a secure locking system, it does an exceptional job of guiding wood pieces.

It comes with a flat cast-iron large table to meet your need of shaping large cabinet doors. Additionally, the table shipped with pre-drilled holes to accept the feeding tool down the road.

The accepted diameter of the spindles is ¾ and 1 ¼ inch. That also featured with a drawbar and secure locking nut.

  • Powerful motor.
  • 2 dust collection port.
  • Digital spindle height readout.
  • Caster system for easy moving.
  • Price heavy.

2. Shop Fox W1702 3 HP Wood Shaper – Best for the Money

Shop Fox W1702 3 HP Wood Shaper – Best for the Money

Next on the list is the Shop fox W1702. This 3 HP shaper is a performance beast with a solid miter gauge. Unlike other cabinet door machines, it does come in a smaller size, making it a great addition to your workshop.

The spindle can travel up to 3 inches depending on your work. It accepts 5- ½ inches diameter cutter for your all cutting need. Also, it comes with a router bits adapter if you want to use your old router bits.

The table features removable table inserts to provide balanced work support when working with 7000-10,000 RPM.  Whether you are making raised cabinet doors, shaping, or molding the table will handle just fine.

The spindle can rotate in reverse with just the press of a button. Moreover, you can regulate the height of the spindle ranging from 2 inches to 2 ¼ inches vertically making it a decent wood shaper for cabinet doors.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Dedicated reverse button.
  • Comes with a router bits adapter.
  • Shipment could be delayed.

3. Grizzly G1026 Wood Shaper – Best 3HP Wood Shaper

Grizzly G1026 Wood Shaper – Best 3HP Wood Shaper

It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard the name of any grizzly tools. Thanks to their outstanding performance and durability standards. Likewise, Grizzly G1026 is one of the top-rated wood shapers in the market.

This 3 HP shaper is more than capable to reach 10,000 RPM that enables you to perform any cutting operation. Also, a solid cast iron table helps a lot managing the high RPM.

What makes it one of the best woodworking shapers is its unique split fence design with a smooth tuning system. If accuracy is your goal, the fence can deliver an exceptional result.

With 3 easy interchangeable spindles, you can assign ½, ¾ and 1-inch diameter cutter attachment for all work needs. The spindle can rotate in reverse motion making it the best 3HP wood shaper in terms of money.

  • Powder-coated paint.
  • Easily adjustable fence mechanism.
  • The table comes with an extension wing.
  • Magnetic switch with overload protection.
  • Require frequent grease cleanup.

4. JET JWS-35X5-1 5 HP Wood Shaper Machine

JET JWS-35X5-1 5 HP Wood Shaper Machine

Jet is another company that offers versatility and power with its 5 HP shaper tool. Even though this JET JWS-35X5-1 5 HP Wood Shaper runs a powerful motor, you can plug it to your home workshop single-phase outlet without and any complication.

The 4 adjustable spindle speeds can be achieved by the dedicated magnetic control buttons. The spindle also features a positive-detent spindle lock for safety and a 4-inch dust collector port.

It comes with separate aluminum fence control that is fully independent. With a large chrome handle wheel and quick release lever, it’s easy to manage any micro-adjustment to the tool.

The large durable cast iron tables make it easy to handle heavier projects . All these excellent qualities are usually seen in industrial wood shapers, which are more expensive than this.

  • Solid aluminum fence.
  • Powerful motor operation.
  • Four separate speed control.
  • Comes with a durable poly V belt.
  • Expensive.

5. JET JWS-25X 3 HP Woodworking Shaper Spindle Moulder

JET JWS-25X 3 HP Woodworking Shaper Spindle Moulder

The JWS- 25X is the cut down variation of the previous JET shaper machine, which comes with 3 Horsepower. All other features are still there. If you are just starting, this could be a solid choice for you.

The work table is now 25 by 25 ½ inch but still made out of cast iron materials. All the extension features are also present in this model.

The spindle now spins at two different speed ratings, one is 7,500 RPM and another is standard 10,000 RPM. The Magnetic buttons, quick release lever, poly V belt are still available in this woodworking shaper.

The aluminum fences of this tool are a bit extruded to give you the headroom.  Also with manual micro adjustment ability, the fence comes with T-slots and father hold-down board for smooth operation.

  • T-slot aluminum fence.
  • Great for a small workshop.
  • Comes with a feather board.
  • Reliable poly V belt operation.
  • The plastic shield covers too much.

6. Shop Fox W1763 2-1/2 HP Wood Spindle Shaper

Shop Fox W1763 2-1/2 HP Wood Spindle Shaper

Although Shop Fox is a manufacturer from china, they have managed to uphold their reputation with consistent quality and affordable price range. The W1763 is their portable wood shaper packed with decent 2 ½ HP.

The shaper indeed has lower HP than a usual top-rated competitor. But still capable of reaching 10,000 RPM, which is enough for most small projects.

The large table is made from cast iron and around 28 by 30 inches in size. The table also includes a fence lock, a small adjustment, and a cutter shield on the top for safety.

The spindle accepts ½ and ¾ inch wood shaper bits. Besides, it includes ¼ and ½ inch router bits adapter. You also see a 4-inch dust port just behind the spindle for easy cleaning.

  • Caster wheels.
  • Pedestal control.
  • Rustproof powder coated paint.
  • Easy access motor compartment.
  • The height adjustment can be tedious.

7. Shop Fox W1674 2 HP Woodworking Shaper

Shop Fox W1674 2 HP Woodworking Shaper

As explained earlier, Shop Fox offers an affordable tool line up with lots of positive reviews. That’s why we also decide to give Shop Fox W1674 a place in our wood shaper reviews.

This relatively small wood shaper comes in 2 horsepower and comes with all the latest features like a magnetic button, dust collector, rustproof paint, and flat table, and so on at a much affordable price.

You can attach three different sizes of cutting attachments starting from 1 ¼, 3 ½ and 5 inches on ½ and ¾ inch spindle opening. 3-inch travel allowance also gives you to get creative with cutting.

Apart from that the machine has some other standard attributes like miter gauge, adjustable rack and pinion fence, 18 by 18 inches table, reverse switch, and so on.

  • Comparatively lightweight.
  • Runs on both 120/240 volts.
  • Comes with 10 feet power cord.
  • All ball-bearing construction.
  • The fence may shift after long use.

8. Grizzly Industrial G1035 1-1/2 HP Wood Shaper

Grizzly Industrial G1035 1-1/2 HP Wood Shaper

This G1035 1-1/2 HP Wood Shaper is more of a beginner level shaper. It comes with slightly less HP but powerful enough to compete with any 2 HP shaper in the market.

It features a strong durable tabletop and body that will last many seasons without any problem. You can also find various safety locking and fence system for smooth cutting.

Speaking of cutting, this works as ideal shaper cutters for cabinet doors in a moderately small workshop with a maximum cutter diameter of 5 inches. Also, you can adjust cutter height up to 2 ½ inches.

Normally cabinet door shaper machines need higher RPM to cut the wood smoothly. To our surprise, even with the low HP the Grizzly 1035 manages to climb up to 10,000 RPM maximum.

  • Durable build.
  • Great for a beginner.
  • Smooth noiseless operation.
  • Comes with hold-down spring.
  • Inefficient fence adjustment.

9. JET JWS-22CS 1-1/2 HP Wood Spindle Shaper Machine

JET JWS-22CS 1-1/2 HP Wood Spindle Shaper Machine

If you are a complete beginner looking to get started on wood shaping business, this JWS-22CS raised panel door machine is your ticket. It is inexpensive, and any person with a zero experience can have a fun time with it in their workshop.

With 1 ½ horsepower motor, it’s no powerhouse for sure, but it isn’t just a fancy box either. Like other shapers, it has a maximum RPM of 9,000. You can manage most edge profiling with that.

The power requirement of the shaper is only 115 volts from a single-phase connection. That’s pretty low and can easily run in your small garage.

Being inexpensive does not necessarily mean it won’t have all the latest features like miter gauge, cutter guard, starting pins, table inserts, dust chute, and finally heavy-duty stand for the motor.      

  • Easy dust collection.
  • Interchangeable spindle.
  • Heavy-duty motor stands.
  • Comparatively small size tool.
  • The fence lacks proper clearance when changing bits.

10. Grizzly Industrial G0510Z 1 HP Wood Shaper

Grizzly Industrial G0510Z 1 HP Wood Shaper

The list would be incomplete without the Grizzly 1 HP shaper. It’s an ultimate beginner-friendly shaper to meet your every DIY project need.

This small wood shaper comes with a 15 by 17 inches table, placed 34 inches higher from the ground. The whole machine is standing on 4 rubber feet eliminating vibration and accidental slip.

With the only 110V with 13A power draw the shaper can reach a maximum 13,200 RPM. That speed along with ½ inch spindle, together they can achieve deep grove depending on the design.

The important guiding fence of this shaper is made from cast iron and wooden face to give you an edge when shaping the various wood pieces.

  • Accepts router bits.
  • Smooth work table.
  • Higher RPM Operation.
  • Pre-lubricated bearings.
  • Shipping may damage the product.

Best Wood Shaper Buying Guide

Generally speaking, wood shapers are used in the big carpenter industry. That’s one of the reasons they are so powerful and expensive. But nowadays there’s a huge demand in the DIY market for the best wood shaper machine that is equally capable and budget-friendly.

If you area person looking for the same thing, it’s time you have a clear understanding of what matters in a shaper.


It’s no-brainer to know every wood shaper tool’s power comes from the motor. Depending on the variation the motor can be 3 to 7 horsepower. The more horsepower you have the more hardwood you can cut.

Spindle Sizes

Normally spindle can be ½ to 1 ¼ inch in diameter and lengthwise 3 to 6 inches. The length of the spindle gives you the advantage to cut a thick piece of wood. When using a cutting tool, make sure the hole in the tool matches the spindle size to work correctly.

Shaper Cutters

Cutters are the attachments that cut wood to a different shape. Most shapers come with a set of cutters that can do the usual cutting chore with no issue. But you can always attach custom cutters from the hardware shop if you want to.


Wood shaper fence is a very important part of a Shaper machine. Like the name “Fence”, it is used to prevent overcutting or used as a guide to achieving precise depth in cutting operation.

Flat Table

When working on a wood piece, it’s imperative to have a flat surface. That way it would be easy to slide the wood piece smoothly. The larger table gives you the advantage of cutting longer wood parts.

Power Feeder for Shaper

A power feeder in a shaper machine is a tool that pushes your wood piece through cutter at a constant rate. This way you can achieve a smooth cutting finish with less effort. This also helps to stay in track with the fence.

You can still do that with your hand, but there is a risk factor involved with hand feeding. Also, if your wood piece is a long one and it is hard enough that you have to push it through slowly to cut it, that’s where a power feeder comes in handy.

The Shop Fox W1764 is an excellent 3-wheel power feeder for the beginners. Here are some popular models you may also like.

Cabinet Door Shaper Cutters

Your new wood shaper machine may not come with the set of cutters you need for making cabinet doors. The quality of the cutters also matters when cabinet door making is your primary focus.

If you’re a dedicated cabinet door maker, you should opt for durable Stile and Rail shaper cutters. And with these raised panel cutters, you could make beautiful raised panel cabinet doors.

How To Use A Wood Shaper?

Shaping wood considered as dangerous especially when you are new to the task. It would be a good idea to prepare yourself appropriately. Like, wear protective gloves, goggles.

  • Organize your workspace: Make sure you have all the materials you need are at your hands reach. This includes your design, wood peace, attachments, and so on.
  • Attach appropriate cutters: Attach the right cutting tools with the spindle while the machine is unplugged. And make sure they are securely locked.
  • Adjust fence: After you have attached the cutting blades, it’s time to micro-adjust the fence so you can have a precise and smooth cutting. 
  • Finally, make your cut: After everything is in its right place, you are ready to cut. Start slow and make your way to the finish. After completing the task turn off the machine.

Wood Shaper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a wood shaper?

Wood Shaper is a carpenter tool mainly used in shaping, molding, profiling edges, making raised cabinet doors, and so much more. The machine consists of a powerful motor placed vertically under a flat table with a guiding fence and a spindle coming out from the middle.

What does wood shaper do?

As the name suggests, wood shaper simply shapes the wood piece. But with right attachments or cutters, it can do a lot more. It can cut wood edge with required depth precisely. With vertical adjustments, it can also able to cut with custom heights depending on the design aesthetics.

Wood Shaper vs. Router – What’s the difference?

It’s important to note that shapers are a more powerful machine than a router table. And some of the attachments are only available in a shaper tool. That’s the main reason shapers are used in a big factory and inexpensive router table in your home workshop.

Is a shaper better than a router?

With the Router table, you can still do a wood shaper’s job. But you will need more time and effort. If you do small projects at a time, router is ok. But if you need your work done fast and efficiently, a shaper is your best option.

Can you use router bits in a shaper?

Router bits have shaft built-in that goes directly into the motor. On the other hand shaper’s motor only accepts spindle. For that reason, you will need an adapter to hold the router bits to the spindle.

Can you use a Shaper as a Jointer?

Yes! With the right bits and precise cutting in both wood pieces, you can join multiple wood pieces together.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to the conclusion of best wood shaper reviews. We believed the information shared so far is of value to you.

Once again The Powermatic PM2700 is the best option if cost isn’t your primary concern. The Grizzly G1026 is a great option if you are looking for the best 3 HP shaper your money can buy.

And finally, Shop Fox W1702 is the best bet for budget buyers looking to shape their workpiece.

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