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Bubble Flare Vs. Double Flare: What Flare for Brake Lines?

bubble or double flare for brake lines

Have you wondered why brake fluid leaks from the recently flared brake lines? There are several reasons behind it, such as the type of flare you made and the quality of the flare.

Before you start flaring brake lines, you need to have the essential information about Bubble Flare vs. Double Flare for brake lines. If you’re interested to know more, then keep reading.

Automotive experts use both the Bubble and Double flare for brake lines. But the most commonly used brake line flare is the SAE double flare. It’s also known as the inverted flare, which is essentially the enhanced variant of the single flare.

The quality of the brake flares is a crucial factor. Low-quality flares could cause brake fluid leaks, and there is a risk of brake failure due to the leakage.

For obtaining high-quality flares, you’ll need to use an appropriate tool – read our in-depth article on the brake flare tool here.

Is a Double Flare the Same as a Bubble Flare?

No, they are two distinct flare styles. But to achieve a double flare, you’ll need to make a bubble flare first. These two styles of brake line flares are the most common flares found in all sorts of vehicles.

The double flare is similar to the most basic flare called single flare but more durable.

Manufacturers from all over the world adapted double flares for all the brake lines, but still you would find bubble flares in the vehicles manufactured in the European countries.

Can You Make a Bubble Flare With a Double Flare Tool?

Yes, you can make bubble flares with the double flaring tool kit. Most of the double flare tool is an all-in-one kit that is capable of making all kinds of flares out there – single, bubble, and of course, double.

\Basically, the bubble flare is the first step in producing a double flare.

So it’s apparent that you can use a double flare tool for making bubble flares. Having an all-in-one tool that can make all kinds of flares is an exceptional benefit for you.

What Degree is Brake Line Flares?

There are two types of brake flare fittings available – 37 and 45 degrees. 45-degree brake line flares are the most commonly used in all kinds of vehicles all around the world.

AN-fittings require 37-degree brake flares – AN stands for US Army and Navy. JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings also require 37-degree flare, which is the industrial variant of AN fittings.

How Do You Double Flare a Brake Line?

There are several types of tools available on the market for flaring brake lines. You’ll require a double flare tool to make such flares in the brake lines.

You can’t make double flares with a single or bubble flare tool unless it’s an all-in-one flaring kit. So make sure your device is capable of producing double flares.

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