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Is Blacksmithing A Good Profession? – [Scope, Salary & More]

blacksmithing profession

In this modern age, while the machine is taking over everything, it may seem blacksmithing is a fading dexterity. But in reality, blacksmithing has evolved into whole another level.

If you have a neck for crafting and not afraid of getting your hands dirty while doing it, blacksmithing could be for you.

Is blacksmithing a good profession? In general, blacksmithing is a sort of profession that has great appeal to creative minds. Even so, a good round-up annual salary and flexible work hours do attract people from all spheres of life.

Blacksmithing indeed lost a lot of attention in the past few decades. Especially owing to the mass production factories that make metal accessories and heavy machinery parts.

There is no denying that those factories work more rapidly and efficiently.

But the problem in this scenario is you can’t pass in any idea you have that would change the existing production settings. In some cases, you have no choice but to take the factory configuration and grit your teeth.

Considering that, the blacksmithing profession still has the importance to fulfill all these individual needs.

As people are more aware of the fact that there is an excellent market for custom metalwork like knives & swords, quality cookware, gates, centerpiece, etc. It’s now easier than ever to start a small business meeting that ever-growing supply and demand.

What Is Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is the art of manipulating metals using a hammer, chisels, tongs, anvil, and a heat source. Although these are the essential tools, the process also requires many other shaping and cutting tools.

With these, you will be making composite metals and various tool parts.

Perfecting the skill since the bronze age, people have learned to use metals to their advantage. At that time, blacksmithing had a close association with swords making.

After unearthing iron and other metals, the scope of blacksmithing spread drastically.

What Tools Do Blacksmiths Use?

To make metal furniture, appliances, decorative items, a blacksmith must use these tools. Such as blacksmith hammer set, appropriate anvil, vice, charcoal or propane gas forgeknife grinder, blacksmith tongs, etc.

You will also see slitter, cutter, and chisel of various kinds in work. 

Though depending on the work profile, you could be using a smaller or bigger version of these tools in the work. Regardless of the tool size, your ultimate goal would be fusing metals and shaping them to your need.

Do Blacksmiths Make Good Money?

On average, a blacksmith can secure around $35,000 – $55,000 annually from the US. However, the actual number will depend on various factors like skill, experience, and work type.

That said, compared to other similar crafting professions, it’s not that bad.

On another note, if you are just starting or doing part-time in the blacksmithing shop, this is also great. As you can be earning close to $20,000 or more for work in a fabricating shop yearly.

Is Blacksmithing Still a Job?

Irrespective of the slowly declining trend of blacksmithing work in many parts of the county, it is still a viable job. In most instances, the profession turns to more niche and specialized work like repairing and custom work.

Local blacksmith shops and individuals find plenty of these to keep themselves busy. You can even start your own eCommerce business and make it your full-time job.

Is Blacksmithing a Good Hobby?

Apart from being a profession, blacksmithing can be a great hobby. It’s a creative way to give life to your own thoughts and designs, making swords, knives, and other appliances.

Overall utilizing your time successfully and stay active at the same time.

In the past few decades, blacksmithing knowledge spread widely through courses, training, and such. Resulting in a growing interest in the craft and building supportive communities around it so that everyone can share their experiences.

Is Blacksmithing an Expensive Hobby?

Like any other crafting work, blacksmithing does need initial expenses for the tools. It doesn’t mean you can’t source the tools from a second-hand market.

Besides, you can always borrow tools from friends and family, which will keep expenses to a low figure.

The great thing about blacksmithing is you can almost make any tools using forge and hammer. That leaves you with only finding the metals which you can get from a junkyard or scrap shop at an affordable price.

Can You Make a Living Blacksmithing?

Although the metal forging industry has shifted more towards automation, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make a decent living.

There are still tremendous demands of custom handcrafted work both in the workshop and personal business space.

Just like the profession, Making healthy earnings out of blacksmithing isn’t something new to people. There were times where you can’t find a single place without a blacksmith shop or a forge in it.

And that helped a lot of families to make their livelihood from the craft.